It was rumored back a few weeks ago that Forgeworld would go mainstream, and while we have little evidence yet that it is going to, we are receiving 6th edition updates for forgeworld rules and updates. The rumor spoke of Games Workshop doing an FAQ that included Forgeworld models, but its hard to see GW doing an update on the FAQ when one is being written. So Perhaps the rumored end of summer GW rulebook FAQ will include rules that mainstream Forgeworld products in some way.

In the meantime, we have a set of updates from Forgeworld that include updated rules for 6th edition, and here are the links......

Land Raider Proteus
Deimos Predator Executioner
Spartan Assault Tank
Space Marine Rapier
Chaos Decimator
Imperial Guard Rapier
Imperial Guard Heavy Artillery Carriages

Vehicle Updates
Psyker Updates
Apocalypse Updates
Allies Updates
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