It looks like within a few short hours we will start to get more information about our first 6th edition codex. Chaos Space Marines. This of course is coming from so many different directions, that I would just about drop the codex from the rumor section, however the rule is: Not til we get pictures or thing is our hands.

Here is what I am expecting over the next few days.

First off Tastytaste is promising his readers something within 48 hours. Not only that over at Blood of Kittens he as declared Phil Kelly is the author. I thought we knew that, but apparently looking back over what I have posted, it was still up for grabs a little.

I expect pictures from the White Dwarf within the same 48 hour time frame. I even expect the information early tomorrow, but its hard to say for sure when things arrive. I am at the mercy of sources and when they get the information and are able to get the information to us here on Faeit 212 we will have it posted up.

Information from White Dwarf and from the codex is what I would expect to see over the next week. As things get clearer towards the end of the week, the information should start to get better, and I am hoping that there is a few bombshells to drop, as we get information on things like flyers, Daemon Princes, the new Chaos Dreadnought type (hellbeast), and more.

This next week is going to be full of rumors, pictures and other other information, so stay tuned and if your not excited about Chaos Space Marines, then at least get pumped up to see the first codex release of 6th edition.
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