A lot was happening on the 40k Design Studio Open Day this last weekend. I know the reports we have gotten back for Faeit 212 contained a lot of information. If you have any questions about the event or information that was discussed there, Scissorheart has offered to answer questions regarding the event, and the information that was delivered upon.

Plus you never know, a few days after things have setttled, you often recall a little bit more precious information bits...

Please keep this post directed towards questions and comments regarding those questions. And if you were there, feel free to chime in on answering.

40k Design Studio Open Day was a ticketed event in Nottingham's GW Headquarters. It was a rare event and the information that came out of it was phenominal.

Here are the links to the articles if you missed them.

Scissorhearts Report

Zaks Report

Pics of the Event

Please give Scissorheart some time to get to the answers.
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