New Chaos Daemons are now only a couple days away from being released, and already they are being seen up for pre-order at Wayland Games. With all the looking ahead at what is coming out with Chaos Marines, I figured it was time to look at what is coming out now. Munitorium dice, objective markers, and vehicle damage dice are supposed to be hitting the stores any time and should already be arriving. Then we have the wave of Chaos Daemons, which should be up for pre-orders to begin this Saturday.

The following pictures were sent into us from Muninn showing off better pics of the Chaos Daemons going up for pre-order this weekend. I expect a more official announcement on the Chaos Daemons tomorrow.

Screenshots via Muninn
"I went through a video by "9k painting" earlier this evening & cobbled together some decent quality screen caps. I thought you might like them." Muninn

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