Our comment section on Faeit 212 is one really to be proud of, not only for myself, but for the readers here that become involved in the discussions. The drama is kept at a very low level, and its been awhile since I have had to delete any serious drama. (from myself included)

This rumor comes from our comment section from Logan, who has been very gracious with us, to share what he discovers on his quest to find out what is in store for us in the near future.

He recently had a conference (yesterday), and nothing really new was uncovered except the fact that GW is upset with the distribution of 6th ediition that occured at the end of last month. I will leave it at that, and let you read the comment left by Logan.

Thanks Logan for sharing what you learn with us. We look forward to whatever you bring our way.

via Logan    from the comment sections July 18, 2012 4:30 PM
Well hello all. I had my conference earlier today. Nothing really new except that the codex after csm will not hit till 2013. Right now GW is VERY upset at the failure of 6ed distribution. So they will try to get THAT sorted out then chaos them terraim and flyers. There was also NO mention of a fantasy book this year. Take it how it is but thats what I have. Any more details I can gather will be here.

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