Blood of Kittens was answering questions yesterday/last night on the Chaos Space Marine codex. He answered what he could, and now I thought I would answer the questions that were not answered. Lets get to it.

Please remember that these are rumors. No slight intended for getting these answered towards TastyTaste. He has tons of information that I do not have access to.

From Faeit 212 "source to remain anonymous"

1) do Chaos bikes get a reasonable price reduction, similar to C:SM ones?
Chaos bikers are 
25 points each before upgrades now
2) do Havoc weapons options get cheaper?
Havoc costs have been re-adjusted to Blood Angel costs for heavy weapons.
3) do Terminators come standard with Power Axes in their new cost?
it says "power weapon" in the entry.  Which means you can use whichever you model it as.
4) are there any FOC shenanigans like moving Terminators, Bikes or Raptors to troops?
There are no ways to adjust the Force Organization chart beyond Cult units that share the mark of your Warlord are troops.
Do the Thousand Sons get any new options (say, like Heavy Bolters?)?
Thousand sons do not get any special weapon options.
Even with all those upgrades and tables, the codex somehow sounds ”down to earth” like the current DA codex. Does it feel the same? Like a careful approach to a new edition of rules?
It's got a lot of random aspects to it, but for the most part the benefits are different not necessarily better (except the potential to be a spawn or a prince in one particular case).
It also really has this feeling of "you get what you pay for," a lot of options are not mutually exclusive, letting you really lavish upgrade after upgrade on the same model(s).  This is even the case for Aspiring Champions who have a ton of options that will make Space Marine sergeants feel under-appreciated by their chapter.
- How do Icons and Marks work? Are Icons still bound to one model and lost whet it dies?
Marks are not bound to any one model, they are for the unit, icons are lost if the model carrying it dies.
- Can Vehicles and special units (Obliteratiors, Dragon, etc.) be marked?
Some vehicles can be marked, others cannot.  Some marks have limitations like requiring a dozer blade before being upgraded to a particular god.
Obliterators and Maulers and the flyer cannot take a mark.
- Which weapons of Plaguemarines are poisoned? CC weapons, Shooty weapons or both?
Only close combat attacks are poisoned, but they are immune to the effects of poison now (probably why poisoned weapons all have actual strength now, and not just STR X).
- Do marked Sorcerers or marked Daemonprinces also make cult units a troop choice?
Only sorcerers

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