Forgeworld has said they will not be doing codices for 40k armies. While this statement makes sense in more than a couple ways, I really wish they would do them. This would be a good way to get some non-standard armies into the game, and give us a chance to get Ad-Mech and more.

 via m044992 in the comment section here on Faeit 212
There is a response by Forge World on their Facebook page disputing the part about writing codices.

on the Forge World facebook page:
"Nope, have never written Codices and we don't have any plans to write variant Chapter Codices either. We are amused and bemused by this rumour in equal measure! But it's dead wrong. As you may have seen from our Events page, we're planning to come to more events over there to make it easier for you to get hold of our range - GenCon and PAX this year for example."  

One thing to notice is that they did qualify the statement that Forgeworld is working on getting more access to their models.  Nothing was mentioned about their models becoming standard for tournaments and games, so I will take that as something positive heading towards that direction.

Also I was thinking that denial is very standard when it comes to Games Workshop. If GW is writing an FAQ to make forgeworld models mainstream, then its likely either the poster on Facebook does not know the information (he isn't in the loop), or they just want to keep the lid on this until its time to open up Forgeworld to the masses.

The original rumor that got us here
via Reecius July 6th
a regular of ours talked to GW asking if he could use Forgeworld in tournaments and he told us he was told that YES HE COULD, and that a FAQ for all of the Forgeworld stuff would be released by Games Workshop (not Forgeworld) giving all the pertinent rules to allow them in regular play.

Also, he told us that Forgeworld will be releasing codices that are official and will explore some of the more niche aspects of the GW universe (the example given was a Salamanders Codex). He also said that all Forgeworld product will be sold in GW stores.

This corroborates a LOT of rumors we are hearing about Forgeworld going mainstream from multiple sources. What we hear is that GW is waiting to set up a North American production center so that they will be equiped to meet the anticipated demand that will come with letting FW into regular play.
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