I have fallen behind on the Black Library releases, and here is the latest, along with a video for it. This looks like a definite must have for fans of the Horus Heresy.

vie the Black Library
The day that thousands of Horus Heresy fans have been waiting for has finally arrived...

The Blood Angels make their explosive Horus Heresy debut in a brand new novel by James Swallow. Fear to Tread sees the sons of Sanguinius battle the daemonic forces of Chaos in one of the most brutal conflicts of the Heresy so far. As befits such an epic story, this book is huge - a full 100 pages longer than a standard Horus Heresy novel!

You can preorder your copy right now, and as always, if you place your order through blacklibrary.com then you’ll get to read it weeks before it’s available in bookstores.
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