This afternoon's rumor comes from the comment section of Faeit 212, and discusses the Chaos Marine codex that we are anxious to get our hands on. From Ahriman to Kharn, and built in Warlord Traits, its all here.

For many of you that come here to Faeit 212 for news and rumors, I want to make sure that you know of the opportunity to sit down and read through the comments at times. Many rumors originate there, and the discussions are worth the time to read. You may like the site, but its the readers that keep it moving and energized.

Please remember that these are rumors, and while accurate to the best of the sources information, things do change. (The Lord of Change is not kind). And for any TO's that are considering removing Warlord Traits... it looks like GW is building them into HQ characters.

via Logan on Faeit 212
Also Kharn is supposedly no longer "immune" to pyschic powers rather his deny the witch is a 2+

Ahriman I have heard Mastery Level 4. 3 wounds. Possible 3+ or 4+ DtW. Slightly Cheaper. But not sure. Could be more.
he might have an INV save vs shooting only

Expect a few months after release. Upgrade sprues will come. Shoulder pads and helmets. Maybe boltguns. POSSIBLY finecast though...

The original concept was to make very specific legion rules but the problem was

1. They wouldnt be able to fit it in one codex
2. Multiple codices is hard to sustain unless there is much effort. 

So there was a compromise. One codex. No heavy legion rules or advantages. But if you waited to play a certain legion they'd give you the tools to make it. With marks or a few units. So cult terminators might have once been real.

via Dez on Faeit 212
Warlords Cometh

If you are currently complaining about Warlord traits being too random well play that violin some more. GW really wants you to use them! The CSM codex has it’s own Warlord chart, but the big announcement is some characters have specific Warlord Traits! These are built into the cost of the model, so no taking them out!

via Meet the Geek on Faeit 212
One rumor I've heard is that Legions are in but not... basically it's just the "take X mark on your HQ" stuff expanded. So take a named Lord or X mark/upgrade and suddenly your force org chart swaps around, AKA kit your warlord with 'Night Lord' upgrades and undivided/no mark and suddenly Assault Marines/Bikers are troops. Alphas get Infiltrators, Irons that Dark Tech Marine thing, etc.
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