Yes, I mean it. One single model that can rule them all, and can devastate models as they try to attempt to use their powers across the entire battlefield. The best part is that he is cheap, is moderately easy to ally with and get into your armies, and if someone is really dedicating a lot of points into psychic powers, he shuts them down. Yes, the Farseer is the one model to rule them all!

Psychic powers are really beginning to see a rise in number. Simply becuase they can be very strong in most games, even with their randomness. The sad part, is it takes simply one model to shut them down, and if they attempt to push the psychic powers during the game, there is a good chance they will take perils. There is no save against perils anymore.

So what have I paired my Eldar with lately? Lets look at this idea. Dark Reapers......... with guide and fortune sitting in a second level ruin has proved to be devastating on the field of battle. I was playing with my Imperial Guard, so destroying tanks was not an issue. For troops, I simply used a single squad of 5 rangers.

The list is very short on what cannot pair up with Eldar.... Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, and Tyranids. Everyone else that is not interested in dealing with psykers can simply take a small allied detachment of Eldar. Not sure why this is?...... here is the scoop for those that do not know...

with Runes of Warding...
A farseer can throw up psychic inerference to hinder its foe. All enemy psyhic tests (careful here if you are allies of convience and have other psykers) must be taken on 3d6, suffering perils of the warp attack on any roll of a 12 or more.

Farseer 55pts, runes of warding 15pts. Of course you will probably want to add in Fortune and Guide, and possibly some wargear, but overall the cost of a Farseer is very inexpensive and his value is very high.

Playing Dark Eldar who have no psychic defense or powers...... Enslave yourself a Farseer, in fact, put him in chains for a fun conversion, and throw those midguided craftworld kin at the enemy. I am sure your Haemonculi will enjoy their new toy. (you are battle brothers, so taking some eldar for strong psychic powers and effects is a huge advantage).

Tau..... No psykers in your army either.... Throw in your Eldar and your good. For Tau, eldar are battlebrothers as well. So lucky you... some strong psyker options in your army.

Imperial Guard. Also no real psychic defense until you throw in one farseer. Then its a psychic battlefield for you and your troops, under the watchful gaze of a farseer.

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