Defilers, Dark Apostles and Warp Smiths! We have new Chaos Space Marine rumors this morning. Warp Smiths can curse vehicles, defile terrain; while Eye of the God powers that grants special powers to characters that win challenges and can even turn you into a Daemon Prince!

There is a set of Chaos rumors that we were pointed to from the comment section here on Faeit 212. A huge thanks to readers who find these just about anywhere they are hiding.

The previous rumor found here... .... lists the Chaos Space Marine codex as already being shipped to the warhouses around the world. While September 1st sounds like it could be true, Its also very likely that August could still be the date. We shall find out shortly.

Please remember that these are rumors.

I was fortunate enough to have a nice long chat with a mate of mine this weekend who is very much in the loop when it comes to 40k, and he was kind enough to have a chat with me about the new Chaos Space Marine Codex!

So lets get to it:
Release date - 1st September (7 weeks he said) and it is a hard back like the 8e WFB Army Books.

There is an Eye of the Gods esque table (Warriors of Chaos players will know what I am talking about) that you get to roll on whenever a character kills another character in a challenge, or a Walker or Monstrous Creature. There is a multitude of gifts (and curses) that your Characters can acquire which range from +1 Save, +1 Toughness, or becoming either a Spawn or a Daemon Prince!!!

Chaos Cultists are definetely in (but we all kinda know that already), as is the 'Dragon' - think Necron Night Scythe with the main chassis been replaced by a massive mechanical dragon head with segmented wings sweeping forward and around from it. On top of those there are also:

Dark Apostles - evil Chaplains basically

Warp Smiths - evil Techmarine that can curse vehicles and degrade terrain.

A new Daemon Engine - half way between a Dreadnought and a Defiler.

Speaking of Defilers as they are Daemons they have a 5+ Inv save.

'Cult' units are all Elites and are unlocked to Troops by appropriate HQ choices, but there are no Cult Terminators which makes me sad.

Obliterators are exclusively for shooting - so no powerfists. BUT there is a new unit which is basically a close combat Obliterator.

There are 2 types of Raptors now; regular CSM with Jump Packs, and then some kind of Possessed Daemonic Raptors that all come with Lightning Claws!

Possessed are meant to be amazing, and take a lot of benefits from the Eye of the Gods esque table.

There are NO Daemons in the Codex because that is what Allies are for.

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