There has been several rumor bits floating around over the last days, and while none of them would take an entire post or had been mentioned before, I did not want to let them sneak on by without mentioning them.

Please remember that these are rumors and some salt is required.

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Just to add this: another birdy mentioned Daemons in August.

It adds another confirmation to what we already "know": CSM and Daemons are next, with the latest WD being the strongest hint so far. But we'll have pictures and stuff by this time next week anyway...

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On topic- Last Saturday I was at my FLGS in a "welcome to 6th Ed" tourney (no points / prizes, just a good time and open rule discussion) and the owner was talking about a late August release of the new CSM codex. He was right about the 6th Ed release date so I'm sticking w/ that until other information trumps his prediction.

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"C'mon man, you gotta gimme somethin', I need my hit, the rumormill has been dry and I'm tweakin' man! What can you tell me?"
"It's about to rain."
Two new named Special Characters (one is referenced in a BL book, though it is yet to be seen if it's a BL character or not).
Flier, more in line with Hellblade and Helltalon.
'Chaos Dragon', 'Flying Soulgrinder'? Not much to be said. In terms of rumors, it's a resounding 'meh'.
New Terminator kit

via Lirith'uan
My sources have also confirmed that a printed version of the Chaos Codex made the rounds at Head Office last week and that they were indeed going to be shipped worlwide this week .

My source indicates August release - GW does not traditionally send books 5 weeks in advance, so as to prevent us getting the info to early
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