I have heard many people talk about how overpowered the Fortress of Redemption is, and how they are using cheap tactics to block off a section of the board for objectives. So lets take a look at this fortification, how its used, and a secret that even users of this building don't want you to know.

First  off this thing is expensive. 220  base and easily reaching 290. If you are using one of these, you definitely should be considering the Krakstorm Missile Launcher. After all its a S8 AP3 Ordinance, Large Blast, Barrage with an 18"-96" range. However cool its weaponry is, the primary thing about this structure, is that it is 4 buildings AV14 wrapped up into one fortification.

This thing is huge. When placed, it can easily set across a corner and completely block off a section of the table. And with only one door, the Fortress can place the door facing the back of the building. Now imagine playing bases, with the one objective being placed down right outside that door in an area that is not able to be reached with the exeption of jump troops. Yes, this is not cool, but people are going to do this, and place things back there like artillery, and leave one scoring unit inside the building section with the door. A last minute exit the building and possibly win the game.

I know that Games Workshop has not done their errata and FAQs yet, but please please if you work for Games Workshop add this into the placement of fortifications....

When placing a fortification you cannot set it up within 6" of a board edge

Please GW do this, so that we can continue to use fortifications, as not adding this in, will get fortifications removed from tournament play. With this sort of ruling, no area will be able to be completely blocked off from the opponent.

Yes, people are doing this. Should they be? for the moment yes, so that we can get this changed. If you are a TO, please allow fortifications and just add in the 6" from a board edge rule. Thanks

The Secret of its Destruction
Now for the important part. Your opponent has taken this as a nasty base of operations, and you somehow have to deal with it. Here is how you do the most bang for your buck against a Fortress of Redemption.

The Fortress itself only has one access door. This will be facing away from you, and probably right at an objective, so that a unit inside can remain hidden and disembark right to the objective at the last round. Since there are 4 buildings in the Fortress and only one door............. Lets blow up the building with the door in it.

If this building is destroyed, it becomes impassable terrain..... meaning no one can exit it via the door, because its gone. This leaves only one option for those on the battlements, and that's to jump off the fortress which is a dangerous terrain check -1 for every 3 inches you are jumping down. This means on a 1 or a 2 you take Impact tests, and unlike most dangerous terrain checks, armour saves cannot be made against these.

Not only is the building section with the door valuable because of the door, it gets rid of a Krakstorm Missile Launcher. So target this building first, and make it a rough day for your opponent who brought the fortress.

Also remember that when you are dealing glancing and penetrating hits, you are causing wounds to the unit inside the building. Grenades are also highly effective against fortifications. As you damage a fortification, they become quite easy to keep the damage flowing, as the damage charts often times will lower the AV of the building.

The best way to destroy these buildings is to assault them with melta bombs, as its sure to take them down, or even multiple sections all at the same time. Don't forget to throw your grenades in at units inside. I am going to be discussing more on fortifications this weekend, as I get these models put together and ready for play.

Natfka out!

Please add your comments about the Fortress of Redemption below and if you know someone at GW, please convince them to errata or faq the placement of fortifications so that they cannot be placed on the board edge.
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