This coming week we already know is going to be a good one. There is a lot on the horizon this coming month, and new flyers are just one of them. Our game is expanding at a rapid pace and I love it.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Trying New things.
I have not even yet began to start clamping down on what I am playing. In fact most of the lists I have been playing are still, "I want to try this and this" and a little bit of "this and that". There are two reasons I am still trying everything under the sun,
1. I have probably had more games in 6th than most of my opponents, so there is a lot of rules learning going on
2. There is just a ton of new things to try and find out exactly how they work on the tabletop. On paper and on the table are not the same things.

The last game it was all about Bastions, and because of that, I have some very solid ideas on methods to use them with different armies, especially IG, Orks, Grey Knights, Dark Eldar, and Eldar.

Other things I have been trying, just to have used them, are blob squads, dedicated assault units, an entire psyker based army, one that is completely anti-psyker, all mech, all infantry, and a lot of other combinations. I think I have gone through a lot of what I own and proxied even more. After all proxying models while learning 6th edition is in my opinion a very good idea.

Forgeworld Going Mainstream
Once this happens and is accepted in tournaments, there is just one thing I have to say..... Welcome to the Autocannon Chimera. I have always wanted this to be a main element in my chimera based armies, and now with the chance, and being able to order through my local gaming store (assuming all this happens), I will be on it. Not to mention that I love the idea of Rapiers being on my aegis defense lines.

There should be some releases coming this week. While I was not planning on going back to check, I had thought that Munitorum Battlefield Objectives, vehicle markers and dice would be hitting the stores this coming weekend. These are something I want, so I have been patiently waiting for the end of the month to come.

Chaos Space Marines
They are not too far out now. I definitely will be picking up a codex when it comes out. There is just something exciting about sitting down and thinking about a codex on the eve of its release. Its the time when I dig back to the rumor compilations and start thinking about the possibilities. I am excited to see what the new flyer will bring, about Defilers and their new upgrades, the new dreadnoughts, and chaos cultists.

Faeit 212 Event
I have thought about this in the past, and the idea keeps resurfacing. A Feait 212 tournament event is now looking like something that could just happen. The sad thing is it means that I will not be playing. However a Faeit 212 sponsored event has a few supporters already even though the idea has not even been thrown out there for people to digest. Already Comic Collectables with Christopher Slovick have offered prizes and support for the undertaking.

However, it would take much more than that, to get a proper event going. So I figured I would throw out the idea to the readers here, and see what happens.

Faeit 212 Artist's Showcase
There are no entries for this weeks showcase. If you are a commission painter, or just one of the many great modellers in our hobby, by all means get together a few pictures 3-9, a short introduction, and include links to your sites, feeds and facebook pages. This is a great way to share with the community what you are doing, and its a great way to inspire others, or draw buisness to your commission work. Here is a link to a few previous editions of commission artists......

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