The rumor mill has been very quiet this week, with not a lot to show for itself. However we seem to be right on the verge of a Chaos Space Marine codex.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of. Its a day late, but late is better than skipping it this week.

Criticisms and the History of this Site
Faeit 212 has been blessed or lucky thus far, and for the most part we have a very positive environment here. What I wanted to touch on a little is what this site is about and what I am doing here.

This site was not even originally meant to be a news and rumor site, infact it was to be nothing more than a soundboard for my ideas on the game, and a place to send people for a more rigid set of help when it came to rules, tactics, and list building. In essence, the various shops I spent a lot of time at, I found myself repeating the same advice when asked.  I figured a blog was free, and an easy place to help local players. There is nothing like sorting out your thoughts and ideas like posting them up, and in that essence it was an aid for myself as well.

I am a news junkie by nature. I am reformed (married), so I do not get the standard 12-16 hours of news I used to back in the day. Between CNN (its early and better days), radio and online news, I was always attached to 3 hour news cycles most 24 hour news agencies were running. I had never considered a 40k blog with news and rumors.

Then Dark Eldar happened...... I like everyone else that loved Dark Eldar had been diligently attached to any tiny bit of news or rumors. So everything I found, I posted up. Before long I was posting up more than Dark Eldar news and rumors, until that was becoming the focus on the site. I had always loved reading rumors, and tying that into my news obsessions happened by accident.

Then I started to realize that there is a very large community out here online, and started to tie into it some. This is where the BlogExchange emerged, the Pics of the Week (because I love 40k artwork), and now the Artists Showcase.

This went on for quite a bit, and as the site began to grow, I found myself talking to other sites a lot more behind the scenes. It took a large leap on my part, but I decided to integrate into the community more, it was time to get out of my box.

This leap of faith began to with accepting a couple authors here.... and it took me awhile to figure out and accept this one. I think it took me 2-3 months to even get back to Korlandril about her doing some articles on the site. Sorry : ).

So contemplating some offers and discussions with other people in the community, I decided to break that box, and do a weekly article on Bols, which is a weekly round up of rumors and news. I am also slowly trying to work out something with Kirby on 3++, and I think something between the sites can be worked out.

I really think we have a very unique community worldwide, and I often think the negative/ hate/ whining, turns people away from it and gets all the attention. But I really have come to believe that is a small vocal minority within the community at large. Yes there is some distrust and rivalry between sites, but I intend to completely stay out of that aspect, and hope that I can reach across the broader spectrum of our hobby.

So yes, this site is based on news and rumors, and I will continue to do those. However, in the gaps between rumors and releases, you will see me posting up on various topics that I either run across, or I think are helpful to those that come here. Right now a lot of that involves figuring out 6th edition, which I absolutely love.

News and rumors will always be at the forefront here, because that just follows with who I am. Other authors, like Mr. Pink, and AKA Korlandril will hopefully balance it out a little bit around here.

So please by all means comment on the site, even with criticisms. I do read them all, and look at them for possibilities to improve the site.

Chaos Space Marine Codex
The following is taken from Bols, but written by myself. Its applicable because these are my thoughts regarding whether or not a Chaos Codex is right around the corner. I know not everyone follows everything I do out amongst the community so I figured it was good to post it up here in my editorial.

The rumor mill is very heavily pointing towards the first week of August as the release of the Chaos Space Marine codex. There is some margin of error though, but here is some of what is being said......

1. Starter Set is Chaos vs Dark Angels
Last week we had a scanned leak of the rumored starter set contents, which included new units for chaos space marines (cultists mostly). Everything points to this starter set being released in September, which would speak highly of a CSM release if there are new units in the starter set. After all we would need to have rules for them before they are released. This would suggest an August release of the codex.

2. Chaos Daemons are rumored to be getting some new plastic and finecast in a second half of August release, which would lead to a theme of chaos for the month. I have speculated that cultist will have some methods of summoning or possession of and from Daemons. If this was the case, and we assume cultists are in the starter set, it makes sense that there would be a chaos daemon release tying everything together.

3. The Chaos Terminator Masterclass Sept 1st -techniques to paint up chaos terminator squads
I have checked the schedule lately, and September is all greyed out. However at one point this was on the calendar, and I am going to assume GW wizened up that we were on to them and blanked out September quickly. Why would there be a Chaos Terminator Masterclass on September first if we did not have a new codex and some models in our hands.

4. Many rumor sources have claimed that the Chaos Marine codex is next, and due anywhere from August-October. A couple have even mentioned the codex was done (this was a few months back). Sources of a few were Darnok saying the codex was done, Grant saying he has had the codex in hand, atraphos declaring August outright, and rumors of cult terminators being seen earlier this year.

In all, the rumors very much point towards August as the release date of this codex. This would mean that a very few days (about 10 or so) from now.... we should start seeing hints and even something breaking from White Dwarf images. Just do not forget, Chaos is fickle, and even though it looks likely, these are all based off of rumors.

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