Last Night we had Scissorheart's exclusive report on the ticketed event at Games Workshop Headquarters in Nottingham, 40k Design Studio Open Day. There was a ton of great information buried in there and some more that came from the comments. So I went in and added some of Scissorhearts comments to this post.

It seemed that there were several hints about Dark Angels throughout the day. This leads me to think we are getting something for them, but we still are only clinging to a few rumors that Dark Angels will be getting their codex after Chaos Space Marines. Hopefully it will be this year.

If you did not yet read the the first part, you are missing out, so follow the link......

I also want to give credit to the design team for holding their tongues in regards to giving us more information on what they are working on and what is coming out. I know they must be busting at the seams to talk about the exciting projects they have on their desks.

Here are a few last bits from Scissorhearts comments to wrap up the report. Again a big thanks yesterday for the report.

via Scissorheart
One last thing that I forgot to mention was that there are 2 missions that allow heavy or fast attack units to act as scoring units. This is designed to make spammers a little more mindful of how they put their lists together, although in reality, I can't see it changing too much.

I heard numerous hints about Dark Angels from the design team too, but we all know about this already right.....? :)

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