This week was just busy, not just with real life doing what it always does, but we had a crazy schedule because well..... Chaos Daemons.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Chaos Daemons and 6th Edition
Chaos Daemons are now out, and I am sure everyone is spending a ton of time digesting all the information on them. Pesonally I do not play Chaos Daemons, but I am very interested in them. So with that said, my look at the army now is from an overall 40k perspective. So take what you will of that.

Over all I would say this might just very well be the best codex of 6th edition so far. The number of options for fieldable armies is quite large, and although there are a lot of people feeling that they got nerfed (we knew screamers and flamers were going to be reduced), I think the codex did a lot for daemons.

I really look forward to seeing the new Daemon codex hit the tabletop. I think we will be seeing a large variety of new daemon units now, and that is exciting. I have spent some time with the codex just reading, and looking at mono god armies, and I it very much looks like they can be done now, even that the book is suggesting that we do it. So yes, overall I really like the new codex.

One other positive is that Chaos Space Marines were done, followed by their only battle brother..... Chaos Daemons. This was nice to get done relatively close to each other, as with 6th edition I think that only looking at one codex does not and will not complete your army anymore since the addition of allies.

With both Chaos armies now out, both can be seen as a whole, with either side really holding their own for each other.

I see a lot of possibilities for this, and later I will be discussing it in more detail.

This week we had a great rumor set regarding Eldar. If you missed it, just follow the link above. I have always wanted to do eldar, and seeing these rumors gets those juices flowing. Not to mention that there was quite a bit of "not to post information" that I was given on top of those rumors. I am not trying to do the i know more than you thing, I am simply trying to say that the source sent a lot more very detailed information on how things were turning out. My point is.... This codex has the potential to just wow the community, and I am really looking forward to it.

The Eldar codex is rumored to be coming out this fall, (sorry southern hemi's) or in the 3rd quarter of this year. The one thing that I think will benefit from this release, is Dark Eldar. While battle brothers, I do hope that there is something besides just harlies that crosses straight over, or effects the Dark Kin side of things. I love the dark eldar, but they really do need to get the Void Raven. So I am patiently waiting.

Having an Eldar release will mean a lot to two armies, both Tau, and to Dark Eldar. So Tau players should be rejoicing, for they will get a Tau codex, followed by one of their biggest battle brothers, Eldar. A lot of crazy days ahead of us.

I am very excited for this trip. I have deleted the Grey Knights from my armies to bring, and in their place am considering either Imperial Guard or Dark Eldar. 6 days of games, I really do not want to be limited to one army, but I cant bring my entire collection of models, nor can I get them all painted.

So if I can figure out how to get my Dark Eldar transported through the airport etc, I will probably be taking them. Otherwise my IG would be much easier to take on the trip.

List Building
I am working hard on breaking the code between a Dark Eldar and Eldar merge for my lists. This is of course proving harder than it looks as there is just too much that I want to get into it. Of course I do have the harly death stars, but that is not what I am looking for in a list. So I have been going through my lists and really working on getting a list that is playable at 2500pts for the battle brothers.

What I am looking for, is a way to merge what models I have into a single list..... inclusions
Dark Eldar Warriors
Splinter Cannon Trueborn
Raiders and Ravagers
Archon and Haemonculi HQs
Fire Dragons
Dark Reapers

Somewhere in that mess, I need to be able to take on flyers and armour...... come on Void Raven.........where are you?


  1. Concerning daemons:

    While it seems like mono-god builds might be more viable, they can also suffer a lot if the wrong warp storm result shows up. Dual god lists (especially ying/yang tzeentch/nurgle and khorne/slaanesh) seem the way to go.

    Overall, I think the codex has some major problems with it:

    1) The burning chariot of tzeentch has the rider equipped with heavy weapons and no relentless, so if the chariot moves I can only snap fire blue fire, and can't use pink fire at all.

    2) The Masque and blue scribes are not listed as heralds and use a full HQ choice.

    3) Daemons have virtually no way to take out fliers. Our psychic powers are all beam/template so they can't effect fling units. The Soul grinder is BS 3 and daemon princes have only a minor chance of getting a shooting attack.

    Once these three issues are somehow solved (hoping for a FAQ to the first two) I think the codex will be ok.

    1. It's a vehicle - a fast skimmer specifically. Thus it can move and fire as a landspeeder can.

    2. 1. Like Pegboard said. The Chariot is classified as a Fast Skimmer, so if it moved at combat speed in the preceding movement phase then it can fire up to 2 weapons using it's full BS.

      2. Though the Masque and Blue Scribes are definetly Herald-a-like, it's not a surprise people are thinking why those aren't included in the 4 for 1 Herald slot. So far to my understanding this special rule "4 for 1" is specifically made to use these Heralds as unit-buffs. All the other Heralds and special characters do provide a buff to their unit or units near them. The Masque and Scribes doesn't. They act independently from other units and have a total different role rather than boosting units.

      3. Daemons have lots of ways aside the Soulgrinders. Since it's Daemons they already have acces to loads of monstrous flyers. Which can take out these flyers with ease. Also some results from the Warpstorm Table can take out Flyers as well. Daemons certainly have loads of options to take out flyers.

      Just my 2 cents

    3. The burning chariot is a fast vehicle, so can it not move at combat speed and still fire as though it had been stationary? Am I misinterpreting this rule wrong?

      As for other things about the codex, I don't think this codex is balanced internally at all. There's a definite power shift to Slaanesh and Nurgle. There is nothing that gives the daemons a decent (reliable) volume of fire from a unit, and the one thing that does, can be nullified by any random unit 16-17% of the time (assuming you pass your psychic test). Not a single FMC has a base STR higher than 6 making VS less than attractive in most cases against flyers.

      In all honesty it looks like an interesting codex if you want to run an army that will forge a narrative for your opponent. But most meta lists I see around my hobby stores will shoot these new daemons off the table before the daemons get in to do anything.

      Now, I've not had a chance to play a game yet, my opinions are all based on running scenarios in my head, perhaps the mechanics with warp storm balance some things out. However, looking at the models I have and the lists I can make I feel like I'm playing some space hulk 2.0 with daemons where I'm DMing the daemon side intent on making things fun for whoever I'm playing with an understanding that they should prevail over the daemons and continue on their quest.

    4. No Dan, the rule you refer regarding Stationary is applied for Heavy Vehicles.

    5. @Rabbit, consensus above seems otherwise.

    6. Hello Dan, "firing as it has been stationary" does make a little difference. This means if the model has more than 2 weapons it can fire all them as wel, rather than up to 2 weapons.

    7. The thing about the burning chariot is it doesn't have any weapons. Pink fire and Blue fire are weapons on the Exalted Flamer, ie, the passenger. As a passenger on a transport, it counts as moving when firing, and since both weapons are heavy, one is snap fire only and the other no fire if the chariot moves.

  2. I could be wrong but BS3 isn't useless if they have skyfire... and daemon princes with wings can vector strike too, right? or is their S too low to be useful?

    The Chariot question seems like something that will be errata'd soon unless I am missing a rule somewhere..

    and the masque/scribe thing is unfortunate but maybe not intentional? there have been a lot of errata following each new codex..

    1. Every FMC in the codex has fairly low S and is probably not going to be ideal to vector strike them

    2. Well we have to remember that we get Skyfire on a fairly durable platform and can even cast prescience on it as well. Not to mention (not sure if it's intentional or not, but someone brought it up) firing with the skyfire weapon makes the MODEL fire at full BS, not just that gun, so you can take the Gaze, prescience, and skyfire the crap out of something...

  3. i think 2 soul grinders will feature in every single build :)

    1. Agreed... They're cheap, durable & have SkyFire. More than a lot of other armies can say. By not giving the It Will Not Die, like it's cousin the Defiler, Kelly & GW were able to keep its points to a very cheap level. The cynic in me says, " Guess they wanted to sell more Soul Grinder models", but the player in me doesn't care. I likee!!!

  4. After reading the eldar rumors I am supper excited. They were my first army and I've always enjoyed playing them.

  5. The chariot can fire 2 weapons at normal BS... BUT not its passengers. The weapons are not on the chariot, but on the rider:

    The issue is discussed in more depth here:

    and here:

    1. My guess is that the intent was for the chariot to be able to move & fire effectively. Doesn't sound like a static ubit, and at AV14 all around, not very durable when standing still. As a Fast Skimmer, it gets a Jink save if it moves, right? So, yeah, expect a pronto FAQ on this one... They're probably sitting around Bugman's enjoying a pint and saying to themselves, "But wasn't it obvious??? Guess not...".

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. About Valhalla: Natfka, you are so lucky!!! That sounds like an awesome vacation. Utah is beautiful in any season, and even more so in the mountains. I lived there for 10 years (Sandy, actually) and loved it. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year, but I'm already making plans for either August or October of 2015. My wife's family all live in the Salt Lake Valley, and we are an easy driving distance away in Gilbert (PHX), AZ. She makes that pilgrimage at least once a year, and I expect I'll have no problems talking her into it. She gets to hang out with all her family & school buddies, and I get 6 days of non-stop gaming with food included at a private lodge in the Wasatch Mountains! Heaven!!!

    Why 2015? My youngest will be off to college by then, so I can make the drive up with my wife, no kids have to miss school, and we both get a fun vacation with what we want out of it. (Plus, to be honest, it'll probably take me that long to have a fully painted army (or 2), which is one of the requirements of the event - "painted armies only".)

    Wow! I'm so glad that you shared this with us, Natfka! I had no idea that such an event occurred so close to where I live (so I don't have to worry about transporting my armies) and so close to where my wife wants to go at least once a year, anyways! Looking forward to your reports and videos from the event, Natfka! Enjoy!!!


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