A long time ago, far far away, Games Workshop actually sold bits. Now that long ago, I was far less involved in the community, and my hobby, but I recall that it was there. Then bits seemed to go away, and it was quite the ordeal. Now once again, GW looks like they are about to jump back into the bits market, and are hiring more people to compensate for it....

Ban on selling bits + hiring a Component parts manager = New bits department at GW?

Its been awhile since I lost or accidentely deleted the email before posting. So yes, I lost the source name here, so if you are he, and want it added, please email me and I will get it added in, or just post up in the comments.... and sorry about that.

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GW to reenter the bits market?
So GW are advertising for a component parts warehouse manager, plus the ban on bits selling suggest GW may be planning to roll out the bits department again.

On a side note it seems this GW v chapterhouse legal suite has made GW up their game and production schedule, as they are also advertising for rules writers for both mainstream and forge world...

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