Games Workshop is looking for a painting guru to be a TV presenter. Exactly what it is that they are in the works of making is still unknown, but it looks interesting.
The image was sent in by Terabyt3.


Games Workshop: Warhammer World · 
Howdy all- on the GW careers page right now, there is an advert up for a TV presenter, which is pretty cool! Got me thinking- what kind of spin-off , hobby-based TV shows would you love to see get made.... Nick


  1. Saturday morning wh40k cartoons? Will make me feel alot younger for sure!

  2. Tried to find it on the careers page with no luck.

  3. Its already been removed from the careers page, I think it was up since friday.

  4. I would assume its for things that they do already, like the 'how to paint citadel miniatures' DVD guide etc.

  5. "Now look at this Mr.Jones, with just a few simple brushstroke, this greatly detailed pieced of plastic becomes a superhuman soldier, ready to fight against the vile xenos"

    "Wow..and is it true that you can even play with them? I could fight heresy with my whole family then!"

    "Thats true Mr.Jones, but it doesn't stop there, we even sell novels about them, so you could read to your son about the holy god emperor of mankind before he goes to sleep!"


    "And if you order your Marine Battleforce now, you get this basecoat brush and a White Dwarf for free!"

    "Marvelous! For the Emperor!"
    "For the Emperor!"

  6. What Sethdr said...
    GW's TV could be nice but then it would be appreciated only by a little amount of people...

    1. Beasts of War have their show, although they do cover more than just the games-workshop range...
      Could be for video guide for the website?

  7. If say they produced videos and web content that was available to watch for free. Would that not make the even more mainstream and thus becoming less of a niche market product.


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