Warhammer Fantasy has had rumors saying that 9th edition was listed as coming next year, but it looks like now, Hastings has laid out the order of things for Warhammer Fantasy for the next couple years, and 9th edition looks like its going to be 2015.

So with that said, lets get down to what is going on in the Fantasy side of things. These rumors were collated by Kroothawk over on Dakka Dakka, so a huge thanks goes to his work at doing that for everyone. The rumors themselves all come from Warseer.

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I was actually discussing with Harry about a month or so ago that next WFB is not till 2015.
An extra year would allow all armies to get treatment before new edition in 2015.



WE (?)
Skaven (?)
9th edition

Personally I'd swap WE & Brets around and change Skaven to O&G....... but that's just me

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9th edition rumors
Major overhall and not like all the other "major" ones - radical rethink. Ricks gone so other people want to get their hands on it.
All army books gone and Ravening Hordes replacement
Timeline moves forward
So many changes won't come out before 2015, not next year (Memphis got panties in a bunch about this)

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9th will be more than a quick fix.
I posted months ago to hint as much. I first heard this last year. I have heard it a few times since.
When I said I thought 'it was 2014 but opinions vary' was because I was hearing different things from different folks.
When it comes to rumours I almost always go with what hastings says ... as he is almost always right.
So if his sources are saying 2015 ... then thats probably right.

As for the 'big changes' stuff ... you may want to hold off on the salt a bit.

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Every now and then I have a look at the job vacancies on the gw site out of interest. Recently the nature of adverts and types of jobs seems to have changed. There was in particular a big explosion of design studio jobs advertised at the end of last month. Seems like they are looking for everything from rules writers to background writers to army painters to video/hobby/painting presenters.

Perhaps they're starting to a get a bit more professional about design studio recruitment i.e. not a weird in house Recruitment process but an attempt to recruit the most effective staff. Some of the jobs indicate a new direction in project work, particularly the split between a rule writer and background writer role. One can only hope for no more kaldor draigos.


  1. Advancing the timeline? Yes, I know, it has always (sorta) advanced in FB (at least when compared to 40K where it has been 31st December, 40 999 AD for the last ten years), but could this give some hope that they would start advancing the 40K storyline as well?

    Also, 2015 for FB 9th Ed, meaning 40K 8th Ed will keep going at least until 2016.

  2. I think that it is just a no-brainer to have completely different people write the rules and fluff. I was actually pretty surprised back in the day when I found out that those that wrote the fluff also wrote the statlines. It did not make any sense, while some people can be great at both math and literature finesse, it is a rarity. The two should work in close cahoots but definitely get a mathematician/rules nazi to be your rules writer and a professional author/poet/artsy-fartsy guy/gal to write the fluff. I certainly hope that alone is true.
    As for big changes...I will believe it when I see it, but they did totally overhaul daemons (when they did not have to, although for the better), so anything is possible.

  3. So...they'd update the WE & Skaven then come out with 9th & get rid of all of the army books for a 9th ed version of ravenous hordes? Please tell me I didn't read that right, sounds so stupid & I don't even play those armies!

  4. 2015 would make sense to me if it's true that they're trying to release all new up to date 40k dexes - spend this year and next getting all the 40k armies released (with just one random fantasy releases every few months), then in 2015 you release the new fantasy edition and start the full job with the fantasy army books.

  5. 2015 seems quite legit, given that on 2014 there will be another fantasy battle game (Hobbit).
    If they want to advance the timeline, there's no need to wait until 9th big book.
    If they plan to make a RH, I don't see it with 5 recent books (remember 6th ed RH was in 2000, while no other book was released before on 2000 and only one in 1999).
    The RH came because of the change on the slots. There's no need to change the Lord/Hero/Core/Special/Rare, it's one of the things people is happy with.

    1. Unfortunately fantasy isn't selling well.

      This doesn't bode well at all. The talk is being backed up by a group if fairly reliable rumour mongers.

      It looks like these hard cover army books aren't here to stay.

      Ravening Hordes just sounds rubbish.


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