Just in time for a Games Workshop Tau codex release, the Black Library has a new book, "Shadowsun" up for pre-orders. I have been wanting to get to this so no one misses it that is interested.

via White Dwarf Daily
Commander Shadowsun, child of the famed Kiru and protégé of the legendary Commander Puretide, is destined to lead the next phase of the Tau Empire's expansion... if she can survive the trials before her. Crash-landed on an enemy-held planet, with foes all around and a seemingly impossible mission to complete Shadowsun is determined to achieve victory, even at the cost of her life. But when she receives a message that tears her world apart, Shadowsun must make a choice unthinkable to most Tau: to abandon her duty for the sake of family, or continue to fight for the Greater Good.

Shadowsun, written by Braden Campbell, is the latest premium hardback novel available to pre-order on games-workshop.com.

Month by month we're adding new releases to our range of Games Workshop exclusive novels, which are available only through Games Workshop Hobby Centres, games-workshop.com and blacklibrary.com. Previous titles have included Horus Heresy hardback novels, Betrayer and Angel Exterminatus, which contain internal illustrations; Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha, which tells the tale of the Commissar Yarrick and his battles against the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka; and The Masque of Vyle, which features Eldar Harlequins who discover a dead Craftworld.

Make sure you check games-workshop.com to see our growing library of exclusive books.


  1. I had a feeling this would correlate with a Codex release.

  2. I've started reading Fire Caste, but that's a very imperium centric book from the two chapters I've read so far! :p

    1. Welcome to the world of GW and their funboys base, Imperium is the no.1 priority. After all it is humans behind the company, we must kill "bad" alliens (the logic of many Imperium players). The fact that it is a sci-fi game doesn't play role.

    2. It wouldn't work otherwise in some cases though. I mean a first person account of the second and third wars of Armageddon could be gripping, from an imperial. From an ork though? It could be funny (at best, even if it's not ment to be) but there's a reason deff skwadron was a graphic novel :P

    3. The best way to do it is from both sides.

      Timothy zahn (most famous for his star wars novles) wrote and amazing series told from both the human and alien point of view - if you like decent sci fi (actually decent story telling too) check out his "Conqueror" series.

      If the shadow sun (and firecaste) books get some decent reviews - I may pick them up.
      IA3 was decent...so someone there can do a bit of tua writing...

  3. I started pulling my tau out. They are is bad condition. Lots of broken models and badly painted haha

  4. There's some new Tau photos out now.

  5. I wonder whether this will be as much of a 'sales-ad' as other recent books that have been timed with codices are.

  6. Having seen more pics of the new stuff from WD in addition to Natfka's post yesterday I'm still largely unimpressed.

    More pics of the XV-104 and it just looks...odd. Several new pics of it with what looks like a long-barreled burst cannon with two underslung plasma rifles on it's right arm, large shield gen on the left and an SMS pod atop each backpack 'shoulder'. The whole thing looks like an upscaled XV-8 complete with what seems to be a jetpack but they may just be stabilisers. The thighs look massive, the waist tiny and the head looks like a peanut balanced upon a fist. The shield gen has some vanes extending along up the arm and I think that the ion accelerator being more chunky and a bit shorter than the BC looks like a much better fit to the scale of the model. The ankles look just like the XV-8 ankles but I hope they're not as much trouble. I hope that they're just iffy shots and the model looks better in person.

    In another pic a Broadside still has it's dual-railgun slung under one arm but also has TL plasma files mounted over the right shoulder. Still not sure if I'm down with thise new look, especially for £30 each.

    The new PAthfinders look frickin' good though, and have three new chunky drones. One seems to be a shield dronegoing by the dish hanging below it, one looks oddly like one of Shadowsun's C&C drones with a large under-fin while the last and biggest one...well I have no idea, maybe a markerlight? The is another pic showing this big drone mounted in a Devilfish where the top hatch is so that could be a deepstrike beacon if 'Finders still have that functionality...and if they have a drone for that then I bet that they don't need to take a Devilfish anymore...and I hope that moves them from FA to Troops. And some of them seem to be wearing large Samurai-esque trews. Natch!

    Farsight has a new model with hooves instead of "break here" ankles, and a chunkier shield gen. Looks like he has a new torso too maybe?

    Top-down shots of the new flyers show nothing new. Still totally uninspired.

    Forwarded on to Natfka.

  7. Wait... how is shadow sun trapped behind enemy lines if she has a stealth suit?

  8. "But when she receives a message that tears her world apart, Shadowsun must make a choice unthinkable to most Tau: to abandon her duty for the sake of family, or continue to fight for the Greater Good."

    The worst and most overused cliché plus a very un-Tau like reaction by Shadowsun wrapped into one package? I don't know how I feel about this.


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