1. The Deathwatch Drop pod is epicness of the highest order.

  2. Wonder if there will deathwatch in the new space marine codex. I do remember a rumored dwathwatch release a while back.

  3. Yay Deathwatch!

    The lamenter reminds me of this guy that I painted
    I did deviate and paint the shoulder trim yellow so it would have a bit of their primary color :)

  4. Yeah Raven Guard, and Deathwatch to boot. I love GM'ing Deathwatch as well. So rich in story and possibilities.

  5. Love the DW theme, but the hovering Thunderhawk looks kinda silly.

  6. That's a Night Lord ?
    or a creepy John Lennon in power armour ?

    (fifth picture)

    1. No, that would be a Salamabder. Notice the black skin and dragon skull on his armour.

  7. The Imperial Fist was commissioned by myself, he's Chapter Master Valrak. We’re an adult based Chapter made up of Warhammer and PC gaming fans. As with most gaming communities, we have our own rules that we follow to make our experience more fun and enjoyable for all members. The Chapter was founded with the upcoming Dark Millennium Online in mind, due to the news that DMO has been lost to the warp we had to explore more areas of the Warhammer gaming world. With the dedication of our members we have be able to bring table top gaming to the digital platform, we also host daily Deathwatch RP and Space Hulk games etc.

    The Chapter is inspired by Deathwatch, we chose to go this route so members were free to join as their favourite Chapter, it also gives us the freedom to make up our own lore and allow our members to create their own stories without damaging official lore.

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