The latest White Dwarf is now in hand of some people, and wow, the information is flowing. Here it is in English, the latest information on Games Workshop's latest release... Tau

The following is a large collection of information gleaned from the Siyath that was posted on the Advanced Tau Tactica forums. I have compiled all that information in one place for you.

via  Siyath on Advanced Tau Tactia
I'm lucky enough to have my copy of the WD (English version) already in my hands. I've read only a couple of the first pages showcasing the release (literally just got home and sat down) and already I can say that, for example, the Razorshark can swap it's burst cannon for a missile pod, houses two seeker missiles in compartments above it's wings - plus that the main armament is indeed a quad ion weapon with 360 arc.

Well, more as I go: The Riptide. Apparently it's highly posable, "featuring joints at ankles, knees, hips, waist, shoulders and neck". So this is good news at least modeling-wise. Also, Riptide comes with five support systems - I'm not sure if this means the kit contains five of these or does it indeed have five hardpoints reserved for the various support systems. I suspect the former. There's a mention of a "velocity tracker" as a some kind of a new support system.

Okay, some more:
Missile drones as such apparently only come with the Broadside kit (not the shielded ones that come with Riptide). Not a difficult stretch to covert, though. The heavy rail rifles on Broadsides are twinlinked, and apparently either version, the heavy railrifle as well as the one packed with missiles can take a single seeker missile as an additional weapon.

Not much to say about the new commander with the Enforcer armour, apparently not too much compatible with existing XV8 models, since the pose is rather rigid. And yes, Finecast. The weapons portrayed are indeed the AFP and the CIB. The last picture on the page and especially the caption indicates the Crisis squad size has gone up from the previous 3, since there's 4 in the picture in addition to the commander and it's described as a squad.

Farsight, it's the Dawn Blade that we see there. Not much else to add, except perhaps the mention about there not being any question about where Farsight's loyalties lie since the "symbol of the Fire Caste proudly worn on his chest."

The Pathfinders' ion rifle is a new experimental weapon apprently exclusive to the Pathfinders. Six different drones can be built from the kit. Nothing to add about Darkstrider that we don't already know. Except that it's a "he", not "she" : ).

Squinting at the codex imagery, I can make out that the Cadre Fireblade has the following statistics:

WS4, BS5, S3, T3, W3, I3, A3, Ld9 and a 4+ save. He's Infantry(Character), and carries Combat armour (probably just the regular FW armor since it's listed on the FW entry too), pulse rifle, photon grenades and a markerlight.

He also has following Special Rules: Independent Character, Split Fire and Supporting Fire. Volley Fire: (paraphrased) not moving in the Movement phase, he and every model in his unit fire an additional shot (limited to pulse rifles and carbines).

Firewarrior stats:

WS2, BS3, S3, T3, W1, I2, A1, Ld7, 4+. Shas'uis are the same as these days. They carry combat armour, pulse rifles and photon grenades. Also have the Special Rule: Supporting Fire.

Alright, some more then. In random order, what I could deduce from the battlereport and decipher from the images.

All ion weapons are apparently overchargeable. This leads us to the two Interceptor Drones on the Sunshark. They're detachable, and armed with ionrifles that can be overcharged to produce a S8 Blast each. Fairly neat, I'd say. So the Sunshark's weaponry is twin-linked missile pod, 2 Interceptor Drones with twin-linked ionrifles, 2 seeker missiles and of course the main bombing armament. And the Sunshark is a Fast Attack choice in the FOC.

Speaking of FOC, looks like it's confirmed that the Riptide is indeed an Elite slot - no indication to the amount you can field, though. Curiously enough, in the 'rep lists the entry says "One XV104 Riptide..." which could be interpreted that there might be a way to field more in a single Elite slot. Don't know how far-fetched that is, but still...

Velocity Tracker is the Skyfire upgrade. Riptides and Broadsides at least can field these.

The ionrifle that the Pathfinders field contraticts a little with it being said being exclusive to the Pathfinders, but still the drones can field it too. But it seems to be the same weapon. Probably with severe restrictions (like 1 per team or 1 per 5 Pathfinders) but it does compete with the existing rail rifle. Pathfinders are still in Fast Attack.

Supporting Fire is an army special rule, so if not all, then at least a vast majority of the army possesses this. At least Broadsides did, according to the 'rep. And well, it is an army special rule. And yes, this is the one enabling nearby units to overwatch in addition to the just one that's being assaulted.

Stealth teams are still in Elite-slot. And the upgrade for BS2 overwatch is called "Counterfire defence systems". Hard to say if this is a support system or a team upgrade.

Broadsides still in Heavy Support.

For some odd reason all Crisis-suits seemed to be carrying the bonding knife. Not just the team leader anymore, apprently. And deducing from the hardpoint choices, multitracker indeed seems to be built in to the suits now. Still no idea what the elusive Puretide engram neurochip actually does, but it is carried by the XV8-05 commander in the 'rep. CIB and AFP are still experimental, it seems.

There's a codex size-comparison chart for the battlesuits, where it can be seen how the new Enforcer suit and the Broadside suit is 1,5 times as tall as the regular XV8. Not sure how well this translates to the models, but with what we've seen, that may be the case pretty accurately.

Deducing from the markerlight usage in the 'rep, the Crisis and the Broadsides still remain as BS3 units.

That's about it, I'll come back with more if I notice anything worthwhile.

[edit: Oh, and the Riptide's Ion Accelerator is S8 Large Blast when overcharged. Not S9, remembering that it's been speculated.]

No mention at all about the Railgun on the XV104. And to clear things up, there's no railgun / railcannon difference. Rail rifles are the smallest caliber wielded by drones and Pathfinders, a heavy rail rifle is wielded by the Broadsides and the railgun is the Hammerhead's main armament.

To clarify, there are two 'Vre bodyguards for the commander in the battlereport armylist entry

Re-reading some parts of the batrep, the passage is worded in such way that it's actually not exactly possible to say whether it's S8 overcharged or just... well, interpret yourselves, good people : ) It goes like this "...the Riptide's overcharged S8 Ion Accelerator would have inflicted Instant Death on..." But I'd guess the rumours about normally it firing about 4 or so S7 shots and overcharged it would be S8 Large Blast would be rather near on the money.


  1. Thanks natfka and siyath!
    Great stuff. April seems so far away :-(

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  3. Incredible stuff, thank you for posting Natfka.

    I have a question though:

    " And to clear things up, there's no railgun / railcannon difference."

    So, I may be late to the party but last I remembered it had been speculated that the Railcannon is s10 ap1, is it now confirmed that the Railcannon is s8 ap1?

    1. No, he's talking about the naming. Rail Rifle = str 6 ap 3; Heavy Rail Rifle (what broadsides have) = str 8 ap 1; Railgun (Hammerhead) = str 10 ap 1.

    2. So, broadsides have Heavy Rail Rifles now instead of "railguns" is what it boils down to.

    3. Still twinlinked, burt it seems you can not take HRR with Misslepods?

    4. so the normal rail rifle is no longer a sniper?

  4. Quite frankly, this all sounds pretty awesome!

  5. It does all sound a bit good...I think that my misgivings about the look of the XV-104 Pinhead and those gammy lookin' flyers may be swayed by function over form.


    1. Not sure which one but in one of the photos that have been posted it mentions that there's a few head choices for the Riptide.

  6. I wonder if the new broadsides will come with anything else fancy to make us want to trade in our old XV88 models? As it stands there are very few new models for this codex ( wallet wouldn't be able to stand more) and I'll only be buying a flyer and riptide. Looks like alot of the drones will be conversions on my part.

    1. Broadsides have a new missile configuration where (from what it appears) you trade in the rail rifles for two more SMSs and a seeker.

    2. I prefer the look of the new missile config broadside over the Ramboesque Heavy Railrifle one.

      Thats side though, Im just rebasing my 4 current braodsides and swapping arms and weapons - 2 Rail-sides w/ Plasma and 2 Missile-sides as I have started calling then.

      Just need some Seekers :-)

    3. I hope the new kit lets me model it to match my old ones with the railgun on the arms

  7. Troops choices?

    Any Special Characters affect Troops choices?

    Specifically can Pathfinders or even Stealth Suits go Troops?


  8. overwatch imho is just a waste of time... a lot of dice - rolling, very few dead. I'ts useful only to avoid being locked in combat from a single remaining unit member.. but still, IMHO multiplying those dice rolls is a waste of time and bad game design, such as the Daemon warp events table among others.
    rolling Overwatch shots at BS +1 for each friendly unit within 6", to a maximum of 3, forbidding aiding units to overwatch during the turn, for example, whould have similiar results and involve less dice rolling...

    1. Look into the FW Tau Remote Drone Tower. Their first rule set was terrible but their new version is streamlined and worth a look - one unit in 6" or 12" (not got rules to hand) become twin linked, plus its a markerlight

      So attaching a Fireblade gives your FWs 2 shots at 30" or 3 at 15", then 3 twinlinked overwatched shots.

      Your overwatch hits chances go from 1/6 to nearer 1/3 for overwatch. Plus, the Drone Tower doesn't need line of sight to emeny so you can put in cover near your back stop unit or up ahead in building ready for you to advance into its area of assistance.

      At 40pts each, 3 in a troops choice, deployed seperately, I think they will be VERY useful in this edition.

    2. Remote Sensor Tower only works in your own Shooting Phase, so it's useless for overwatch.

    3. Seiously, if you're complaining about rolling too many dice in a game that's won and lost by dice rolling then, the whole 'choosing a game to play' thing, well, you're doing it wrong.

      More dice = more chances to kill opposing models = more chance for the opponents tactics to fail = more chance of you winning = good thing.

    4. Overwatch realy depends on youre Army or Units. Some get quit a Bit Out of it.
      But i agree... Its a Bad Game mechanic that didnt solve or help with anything but instead causes more Problems and makes the Game more luck based. Like when loseing a Charge due to overwatch loses.

    5. Ya but think of it like this, your on the battle field and all of a sudden you here some blood crazed marine charging at you screaming blood for the blood god. You are going to try and shoot him it will probably be fire from the hip Ofcorse to almost crapping your pants. I think it adds more realism to the game for over watch, that's the way I look at it.And with taus new rule for the the other units overreaching makes sense to me they are covering their comrades, they aren't going to be crapping their pants because they aren't getting charged but they are going to hit on 6s as well because other wise it would be just broken.

    6. Well friends, i play a guard blob with attached SM librarians and divination , so every shooting phase i roll 90 dice at 24" ( 45x2 , with orders) and reroll misses. It's great, but it takes forever and it's only 1 unit. So , while i think the overwatch idea is good, pointless inflating the number of dice rolls is a waste of time, if you could achieve the same resul rolling less.
      For example, if FRF2RF gives you 1 extra hit per hit rolled, it whould not change much , and be quicker. If i' m playing at home, i could roll dice forever , but at a tournament you generally piss off your opponent !!

    7. after rereading what I posted, I now know how annoying auto correct is. But so what I'm getting from what you are saying is you and your opponent will get upset for rolling to-many dice?

  9. Jeez guys, it's White Dwarf, not the codex...don't expect too much to be given away! lol

  10. Sweeeeeeeeeet - first 'dex of 6th edition for an army I play. WAY excited for this: my Tau have been sitting lonely on the shelf for a few years.

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  12. A couple of things that it seems went unnoticed.

    Stealth Suits have option for Homing Beacon. Which means that we're looking to have some deepstrike accuracy for our crisis suits.

    Stim Injector is still in the codex. Anyone remember this upgrade? Gives a single model the feel no pain special rule. So the riptide in the battle report has feel no pain.

    Both of the broadsides seem to have drones but dont list drone controllers in their war gear. This seems to imply that possibly they come standard with drone controllers? Either that or they just got the war gear configuration wrong.

    Similarly, the hammer head has a hull mounted burst cannon instead of the set of sensors that it normally has. Does this mean that hammerheads can mount yet another weapon system? Or did they just get it wrong?

    Lastly, a bit of 100% pure speculation. One of the teams of 5 pathfinders have a drone called the "Grav Inhibitor Drone." The battle report gives no indication of what this drone does but based on the name alone it seems to indicate that it may be an option that grants pathfinders the relentless special rule possibly? Using Tau antigravity technology to make them lighter? Possibly? Wishful thinking?

    1. The Grav Inhibitor will probably slow down charging units.


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