I was sent an email yesterday pointing this out to me, that someone is giving away a Titan in a drawing. I was looking at it, saying.. "Really?, who gives away a Titan?" So I had to go and check it out. While I have second thoughts about posting this up (because I entered and would like to win it), I thought the community would be a little interested.

The Titan is being given away by a collaboration between Mini Wargaming, Blue Table Painting, and Adepticon, and is best of all, free to enter. Here is the relevant information that you will need to enter.

via Blue Table Painting Facebook 
We are giving away a Lucius Pattern Titan. This was assembled by Renn and painted in the Brett at Blue Table Painting studio.

As noted in the Give-away details there are five ways to gain an entry for this give-away. The first three are by liking the Mini Wargaming, Blue Table Painting, and Adepticon pages through the Give-away link on this post. The fourth is to write entered in the Titan picture album at this link:


The fifth is to submit an entry at the Adepticon convention in Chicago this April. The winner of the event will be announced Saturday night, the 19th of April, at Adepticon then pasted on the pertinent pages.

You MUST use the linked Rafflecopter program to get credit for liking the pages. If you've already liked the pages, it will still give you credit.

Any questions regarding the event should be sent to RBolton@bluetablepainting.com or posted here.


  1. Well with that particular paint scheme...

  2. Not a fan of the paint scheme, but a titan is a titan!

    1. I thought that at first as well with the yellow paint on the head.

      However, if you take a closer look by following the links and taking a closer look at the other images, the paint scheme looks fantastic. Far above my skill level.

  3. Almost reason enough to get a Facebook... Almost, but not quite.

  4. Even if I never use it in an army, it would be a cool thing for my shelf, or to contribute to the decor at my local game store.

  5. Companies want to make an impression in the social media landscape. Some have paid a lot more than just a few hundred dollars (the cost of a titan) for fake followers on twitter/facebook likes. In the scheme of things, for a company this is actually a pretty inexpensive way to get a similar result, and more legit to boot. Makes sense to me.

  6. War Griffons are my fave Titan Legion here's my Warhound on a slightly more Epic scale: http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/epic-adeptus-titanicus-part-3-war.html

  7. Worthypainting gave away a phantom titan.

    The only reason I didn't enter is because I don't want to have to (re)paint yet another one.

  8. I don't care what color it is, I have plenty of Simple Green... I'm in.


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