With April's White Dwarf only hours away now (tomorrow release), and many people receiving an early copy, the information has been rolling in quick. Here is what I was able to dig up this morning.

Please remember that these are still interpretations of what people are reading in the latest White Dwarf. There is still room for a margin of error.

via an Anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
today I got informed that the € price for the three Krisis Battlesuits is wrong, it's a typing error. The price will be 50,00€ - not 60,00€. I think it's good news for europe ;-)

via revenant J J  on Warseer
the cover artist is Raymond Swanland.

via librerian_samae  on Warseer
a few bits:
-seeker missiles SEEM to be a hard point option for suits
-nova reactor has some kind of 'gets hot' rule, from the way it's described in the battle rep it seems to be an auto wound (and choose what bonus yoiu get) as the riptide looses a wound every time he uses the ability (and fails whatever role he has to make, lol!)
-supporting over watch is army wide
-'cold plasma rifle' is an artefact of the French translation.
-sub munitions is an upgrade for hammer heads
- disruption pod is a 6+ (invulnerable???) save

via Sildani on Warseer 
It's worth mentioning that Farsight Enclave shoulder pads will be available to order separately.

Darkstrider's actual name seems to be Mayamoto. He makes the squad of FWs or Pathfinders he joins treat their target unit as having -1T.

Longstrike gives his tank BS5, Tank Hunter and Preferred Enemy: IG.

Ah, and the Battle Report is Tau versus Tyranids (Round 2! Fight!) with Deathwatch. The above from ATT.

via Dominic's comments on BoLS

--Disagree on his assertion about Crisis team size. Yeah, the image on the page describing the Commander has four suits (one white-helmet, presumably Shas'vre), but the player in the battrep only takes three: two 'ui and one 'vre, as we're used to. Additionally, every other shot of a Crisis team in the mag is 3 suits.

And it's not unknown for the photographers to get stuff wrong, either. Note the "action shot" of Darkstrider (...srsly, Vetock? El'myamoto? You couldn't come up with /anything/ better?); says he's leading a Pathfinder team, where in fact there's about as many Fire Warriors as there are Pathfinders in the picture.

--The Riptide apparently comes with a main gun, a support weapon system (TL plasma rifles and TL fusion blasters we've seen so far), and /five/ support systems.

--It looks like the Riptide's arm mounts are reversible, as the suit in the battrep has the main gun and shield switched (gun in left hand).

--...Speaking of support systems, Stealth, Crisis, Crisis Enforcer and Riptide armors all come with Multitrackers and BSFs built in (WD page 161, Codes page 70).

--Pathfinders appear to have lost a point of armor...

--...Maybe they left it back at base, with the Devilfish. In the battrep, two Pathfinder teams... no Devilfish in sight!

--Stealth suits still get Stealth and Shrouded.

--Might be another case of getting it wrong (it's a personal army, not a studio army), but the Hammerhead in the battrep has both SMS and a chin-mount burst cannon.

--Broadsides still get TL plasma or SMS as secondary weapons, in addition to a single Seeker on a shoulder mount if they want it.

--The Broadside's alternate primary, the High Yield Missile Pod, appears to be an amped-up MP rather than an SMS variant.

--The Recon Drone (the big one in the Pathfinder kit) sits in the turret cupola of a devilfish, and serves some kind of C&C and fire support role... and carries a burst cannon!

--It looks like the Commander comes with more than one set of hands (or his hands are poseable), as they're shown both open-handed and fists-clenched.

--The Dawn Blade is described as being a power glaive.

--Shadowsun's shield drones are not the standard type. Hers are called out specifically as MV52 Shield Drones.

--She also appears to be able to join units now, as in the battrep she is deployed in the middle of the stealth unit and later the 'nid player refers to the XV-15s as "her Stealth team" as a Zoathrope brood and Tyrant open up on them, finishing off the team and wounding her.

--Markerlights appear to be able to completely negate a cover save with a single hit. Other uses sound like they're the same.

--Submunition rounds are apparently an upgrade for the Hammerhead.

--Repulsor Impact Field: carried by one of the Shas'vre bodyguards. D6 S4 AP- hits to an attacker at initiative 10! It gacks a Genestealer at one point.

--Sun Sharks/Razorsharks are quite small. Article describes the main fuselage as Piranha-sized with Devilfish proportions.

--standard XV-8 is only shoulder-high on an Enforcer, which is only shoulder-high on a Broadside, which is barely more than waist-high on a Riptide! A Crisis suit doesn't even get eye-level with the Riptide's hips, and Stealth suits barely make it to the 104's knees! I think GK players are going to find themselves feeling a little... inadequate.

--All of the weapons, support systems, and heads from the Crisis, Enforcer, Broadside and Riptide kits (except the Riptide and Broadside main guns) are interchangeable with one another.
Source: http://advancedtautactica.com/viewto...st=0&sk=t&sd=a

via ( ) Sorry I lost track of where I got this last bit.
The new experimental weapon for pathfinders is a Ion Rifle. I don't know if the names of the new drones are out, but here goes:
Grav-Inhibitor drone, Pulse Accelerator -, and a recon drone. The others aren't mentioned, but a total of 6 different can be made from the Patfinder kit.


  1. I am so freaking excited about this!

  2. My wallet is already starting to feel light.
    Especially with the $100CAD riptide. So glad my independent retailer takes 10% off all warhammer purchases

  3. I don't get the confusion over the picture of the Crisis Commander + 4 suits; you can do that today. the Commander is an IC, just have the CO attach to a 3 suit crisis team.

    1. Yeah that was the first thing I thought of and everyone is freaking out over this.

    2. It was crisis commander, 'vre, and 3 more suits, so 5 total in the unit.

    3. Not the first time GW has messed up a battle report. I still remember the SoB Dominion squad with 4 meltaguns in a five man squad waxing the Trygon in one round. And worst thing in that report was they gave them the DA fortification, weapons included and they still lost the battle report. Way to go GQ, make the new army release look bad from the start. I hope the Tau don't lose their battle report.

    4. Really? I hate the auto-win that typically goes to the new army. No dex should auto dominate another

  4. This is driving me crazy waiting for word on whether or not XV8s can be made troops.

    1. It's been reported multiple times that they can't. You might consider calming down.
      (That said, I'm still holding out hope against my better judgement that maybe stealth suit teams will be moved to fast attack, because I don't think they compete well against crisis teams and riptides)

    2. They did not. Crisis suits, stealth suits and rip rides are all very much competing for the ever so precious Tau elite slots. It's an insanely difficult choice.

  5. I'm super pumped to get that white dwarf tonight. Even after seeing so much leaked.

  6. I'm super pumped to get that white dwarf tonight. Even after seeing so much leaked.

  7. It's been TWO typing errors in a few days... perhaps they have wondered that the products were really overpriced?? or am I naive and they really don't care??

  8. If you like spelling mistakes wait til you get the Codex!

    1. Just saying that based on the DA codex, or do you have some info that suggests its highly flawed?

  9. Did we confirm what was going to be in the troops section and/or character unlocks?

    1. No confirms, but so far it seems troops are still going to be Kroot and FWs. I'm hoping perhaps vespids and maybe drone squads. NO word on those, but stealthsuits are staying elite and pathfinders fast. =(

  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't a 6+ invuln save be nearly worthless on vehicles as they already get a 5+ cover for being skimmers?

    1. its steath or +1 to save
      so 6+ standing still
      or 4+ moving more than 6"
      or 3+ in full cover

    2. the inv save would give them saves against dangerous terrain failures, as well as cover save ignoring abilities. But yes for the most part I find it useless and a bad nerf.

  11. as of 8 pm Eastern Standard time looks like all the new Tau are up for Pre-order except the new Battleforce... a full 12 hours early lol...

  12. All the new models are up, so if you need some 360s, go ahead.

  13. Wayland Games are doing 30% off pre-orders! £35 Riptide makes me VERY happy.

    1. I know! If I wasn't so worried it would be 0-1 I might buy 2!

    2. If its 0-1, I'll have mixed feelings: its bad that I can't take more of something so awesome-looking, but good that my wallet won't get any lighter. :)

    3. I don't think GW does the 0-1 thing in 40K anymore. None of the other codexes have had that restriction on anything.


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