A new trailer for Lord Inquisitor is here. What is Lord Inquisitor? Lord Inquisitor is a fan-based cgi project with no intentions what-so-ever of making a cent off of it. It was recently given the green light by Games Workshop to continue without the fear of being shut down, and a surprise author  (Aaron Dembski-Bowden) was added to the list of script writers.

So check out the latest teaser and if you are curious here is the link to their site, and much information links

Official Site for Lord Inquisitor


  1. I think I need a fresh pair of pants. That was beautiful. The lord of Formosa never looked so epic.

  2. Sexy, sexy. I dearly hope this doesn't share the fate of Damnatus somewhere down the line.

  3. I'm glad they got a real writer. While this and the other trailer look great, the writing for the last trailer was spine-chillingly bad. This project is looking good!

  4. Damn, that was good. Interesting to see that someone from BL is helping with this - maybe that's why it's so awesome!

  5. Not normally a fan of CGI - but I think this is one instance where it is used extremely well. It has a very "painting" type look to it, almost like the equivilent of the artwork in codex and rule books, if you get what I mean - not sure how to explain it really. I'm not sure if that was intentional but who cares when it looks that good and stylised.


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