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Skitarii Found In the Codex

I read and reread codices. Its just something that I do. I tend to find that there are combination units or something new always to be discovered. One such thing (since there were a few) is the skitarii are really in a codex. I know there are many of you out there that have always been dying to play a Adeptus Mechanicus army, well here is how and where you do it.

The Skitarii are the warriors of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They generally have more advanced weaponry and equipment than their Imperial Guard equivalents, due to the technological expertise of their Techpriest masters.

Codex Grey Knights page 51 with a Coteaz army. So yes, you must take Coteaz in order to make inquisitorial henchmen a troop unit, but check this out.....

Warrior Acolyte
Some Inquisitors induct only fromthe gloried institutions of the adeptus Terra: the Schola Progenium, the Skitarii Legions or the Chambers Militant of the Ecclesiarchy.

So yes, you can take Skitarii in your forces. With some customization you can make an entire skitarii force. Look at some of the different skitarii types that exist.

Hyspasists: These are the basic tech-guard infantry, and are armed with lasguns. They are more augmented than the normal Imperial Guardsman, and may have received emotional-suppression surgery.

Praetorians: These are the elite of the Skitarii. They are super-enhanced (bionically/cybernetically/chemically/genetically etc) humans who are augmented with a huge array of cybernetics and heavy weapons. They are, essentially, a sort of counterpart to Obliterators.

So what I am suggesting, and am planning on building is a Coteaz force, with skitarri Hyspasists as warrior acolytes, and praetorians with jokaero weaponsmiths. Throw in some dreadnought walkers, some techmarines, and you have an army.

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  1. Admech is one of those armies that, if released with new models, would probably sell like mad.

  2. There are already a bunch of Mechanicus armies that are currently fielded via Coteaz' acolytes. Dreadknights for the smaller Imperial Knight Mounts, Stormravens for the various hovertanks, dreads for robots like Castellans or Crusaders and so on.
    This, more than any other army, needs excellent modding/kitbashing skills.

  3. Still no way to play a squat army :(

    1. ... and somewhere a clock resets.

      I'll be in other corners...


    2. ...and somewhere a squat has just died because you didn't believe...XD

    3. A guy called Zach (one of the hosts of the indepepndent characters podcast) made a squat army using the grey knights codex

  4. Well I'm still hoping that forge world will do an Admech army. Surely they would be popular?

    1. I remember reading in one of the post Forge World open day reports that a guy spoke to one of the FW guys and they are indeed planning on doing Admech but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down the line. I think Necrons are the army FW are gonna give some love in the next book or so

  5. It is now 2014 and you can play The Taghmata Omnissiah list for the Horus Heresy timeline. Or a list representing the Legio Cybernetica.