This one has been on the forefront of our minds for a long time, since the tyranids release. How should GW handle model releases for codices, especially new models. We all know of the Chapterhouse debacle, so there is no need to go into the specifics, just to much rumor and innuendo to really discuss it here right now.

So will the idea of waves of releases go by the way of the dinosaur? Lets look at the rumor given to us by Larry Vela.

Please remember that these are rumors

via  Larry Vela at BOLS
The era of multi-waves may be headed for the trashbin.

The birds have been chirping, and they are saying that once 6th Edition is launched, the entire multi-wave concept for miniatures may be over from Games Workshop. There is talk that the Chaos Marine codex will launch with all its units, or at least have them shown in pictures in the codex.

So lets look at this. I had heard that we will see Chaos Marines in two waves. The first one being every new models that is needed being released with the codex along with some redone models, and then there would be a finecast upgraded wave a month or so after the codex release. Now, do the two rumors correlate? I think they do.

Games Workshop may with the coming of 6th edition make sure that every new codex has all its new models in line, and release them all at the same time of the codex. This would certainly allow for new models to be redone, in fact, they may even wait to redo models, or upgrade metal models at a later time.

My only concern with this would be that we might not get all the new entries of an army in the codex. Some may be left out, so that we could get less of a codex.

However, if the latest trend is really going to go this way, we could see additions to codices through White Dwarf. GW has been testing those waters now for quite some time, from the Sisters of Battle White Dwarf release, the eldar vehicle I can't recall its name, and the latest white dwarf flyers.

Does getting every model released to the codex in one wave make sense?

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