This week there are a couple new blogs to add to the exchange. At least one very new one, and a couple older. Also please note for those that want to join the exchange, you can add your introduction to Monday's spotlight, simply send it to me. I know its listed in the print here, just very few people do this since I first started the exchange some time ago.

Definetly some good blogs today to check out.

So what is the Blog Exchange? It is basically an exchange of blogs on each others blog rolls. Its that simple. The search engine beneath the blog roll is also set so that readers may do a search on all the blogs on the exchange for whatever it is that they are interested in. So if your blog is being added, Mondays is when I spotlight each new blog to the exchange. The purpose of the Faeit 212 BlogExchange is to generate traffic and ideas to the wider community of Warhammer related blogs around the world.

Wolves for the Wolf God
by Skarvald the Troll-faced

What started as a general hobby blog dedicated to sharing my hobby progress in the distant 2010 has evolved into a blog about tactics, battle reports and general hobby awesomeness. Things to definitely take a look at are the 100+ Space Wolf Achievements, the few custom Apocalypse formations and data sheets I've made, the amazing sagas of my Thunderwolves. I'm also one of the main contributors of Special Operations: KILLZONE - the Warhammer 40,000 skirmish fan-made game, as seen at Adepticon 2011-2012, so there are tons of KILLZONE articles! I like coming up with things and I always try to improve or add little rules, so expect a lot of customized shenanigans, like custom Space Wolves characters and formations!

Warhammer 40k Orks (and more)
by Sorien

I pretty much just document what I do for my own hobby. I concentrate
on Orks, but I also play Blood Angels and Tau. I am currently working
hard on my ice-themed Orcs & Goblins army.

How to Lose at 40k*'**/WIP'R'Us
by a Sent One

The Faeit 212 BlogExchange is located at the top right of this blog, and will update you with the latest from blogs on the Exchange. Also note that there are blogs here that I have added myself, that are good reading.

The search box at the bottom of the Exchange is set up to search all the blogs listed on the exchange. Type in your subject, and you should be able find what you want. Being able to search all the listed blogs for a single subject should really be a great aid for readers looking that hard to find subject.

I also do a BlogExchange spotlight for blogs that send me in a brief description with a link. If you want a pic included, either point it out to me, or include it. In general all blogexchange additions are handled on Mondays, so that is the day to expect mention and the day to expect to be noticed

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