Following the current eldar rumors we have one that is being resurrected. Apparently some time ago.... 2 years in fact, a new Eldar Avatar model was seen and discussed. Even then it was said that a codex was a long time out, and now perhaps that time is getting much closer. This was the post over on warseer that was pulled out of the graveyard from 2 years ago, hoping that the time is getting closer for a new codex.

It is very likely with the current rumors that the Eldar are still a year out. Current rumors have them as the third codex of next year.

These are rumors and an old one at that. Give it some salt.

via Stickmonkey 2 years ago. Recovered by the Dude.
I am, at this very moment, holding a sculpt of a new Eldar Avatar. I am told the Avatar is being looked at to go to production as a plastic kit containing all options. And will be released with the future Eldar Codex. When, you ask? I have been told, "Not for a while." and "When its done."

Specific changes I note:
Does not look like FW version.
Avatar's head is more expressive.
Molten-y look is much more impressive. Bits of fire are evident.
Bloody hand much more blood angels may have been an inspiration.
Headdress is more warpstone, elegant, vs current boxey glyph look.
Lots of little details within the's hard to describe, but its a lot of small detail.
I'm told it will be able to be assembled in various poses, despite the detail.

This one is oversized, so its hard to just scale, but I'd guess he'll be about the same height as a wraithlord, maybe a touch bigger.


  1. Interesting...

    I hate the current Avatar model, so a new one would be quite welcome.

  2. With two finecasts I'm gonna convert together and a Forgeworld Spear Avatar, a new model means little though if it's nice enough, who knows?

  3. Well if this is old I do hope the modle reflects then new rules of the Avatar when it comes out. Though this sounds really exciting nonetheless.

  4. If Eldar are the third, which codices are first and second?

    Tau? Black Templars? Dark Angels? Chaos Daemons?

    My guess would be Tau and Templars first and second, then Eldar and finally Dark Angels. Daemons 2014.

  5. makeing avatar in plastik is as needed as magnues galgar in plastik -.-
    its not like you can have a bunch of them or there are so many eldar players so who cares

  6. Its pretty much agreed from what I see that Dark Angels are the beginning of 2013 amongst the rumors and BoW.

  7. And nothing about weapons?Sword,Spear,both...

    1. containing all options, that is all he wrote. so guess that would cover all available weapons he could have.

  8. Unless they make it worth it, you just won't find a reason to buy.

  9. Supposedly chaos are next followed by dark angels and then elder.

    There are loads of Eldar fans just few die hards who still use them competitively now. Personally I can't wait...been eyeing up the hornets but at £32 a pop..ouch

  10. Sounds excellent, though I want to shout: "Take a bloody picture, already. Be all Bond-like. I WANT TO SEE IT!" at him. Curiosity got the better of me, I suppose.

  11. New weapon for avatar: Bow and arrow

    You heard it from me first! Also Ive heard stuff bout wraithlords too...


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