Are you like a lot of people, wondering what the new meta game will look like. New top tier armies in 6th edition are coming, and this is definitely one of them to watch out for. Time for some pure speculation based off of rumors.

Here is my take. If rumors hold out to be true, there will be a new top tier army.... wait for it, Dark Eldar. We all know where Dark Eldar fail. That is breaking tanks. Infantry? Well, they have so many poisoned splinter rifles that it is not much of an issue. However throw down breaking tanks, and dark eldar are in a wonder of hurt.

This has taken the almost too fragile army in 5th edition, and made it not a good choice. Armour is just too durable, (not dark eldar ones). It is the bane of the army, and in response, you are forced to take tons of blaster/ Dk Lance type weapons to attempt to compensate for the weakness.

However in 6th edition we have a little new rule coming called "hull points". It says essentially that any result other than a wreck or destroyed, damages the vehicle and takes away a single hull point. Add to this that the rumors say a rhino gets 3 hull points and a land raider will get 4.

Many of you already know where I am going with this, those that do not, hold on, because it wont feel good.

Haywire. Simply said, if things are the way they are going, Haywire will be the dominate force in the Dark Eldar army. It will destroy mechanized forces just as quickly as will a wave of necron scarabs. In case you do not know what a haywire grenade is, here is what it does.......

Assuming you hit the vehicle roll a die.
1. nothing happens
2-5. glancing hit
6. penetrating hit

Now I am going to assume there are going to be additional modifiers etc in the new rule book. Even with the possibility that if negative modifiers drop you below 1 you get no result. However, Haywire will almost definitely give you many results, thereby wrecking anything a unit with haywire grenades reaches with their grenades.

OK, who gets haywire grenades in the Dark Eldar Army... A lot.
Lets see.
Bloodbrides (every model)
Wyches (every model)
Trueborn (every model)

Now we come to the interesting part. Scourges also come with Haywire Blasters. This is a 24" S4 AP4 assault 1 weapon resolves its S4 hit first, and then applies a haywire effect to it. This gives scourges a 36" range to fire up to 4 of these blasters per unit. With WS 4 and the new rules, Scourges will be for a lack of a better term... the new scourge of tanks everywhere.

So, if we assume the hull point rules are really coming.... which I hate to tell you are very certain, will Dark Eldar become one of the new top tier armies of 6th edition?

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