6th Edition/Chaos Rumor Compilation+

There are a couple new rumors mixed into this, but for the most part I've taken what should be considered to the strongest pieces of information and compiled them into one location. With so many bits of information it is getting rather hard to see a larger, more complete picture of what this next edition is going to be.

There are couple new bits in bold italics below.

There has been a lot of charges about 40k being a lot like warhammer fantasy with these new changes. Personally I do not think of these as bad. Instead I see 8th edition fantasy as a testing ground for a better 40k ruleset. Games Workshop has had plenty of time now to see just where the game should be going. With the current 40k rules and Fantasy 8th edition, I see a better, more complete ruleset. The best of both worlds.

These rules taken in pieces like we have them currently, make for quite the mess. The rules look out of place, and are quite shocking to start to get a grasp on them. Thats why a compilation of these more solid rumors is so vital.

Please remember though that until we get something in our hands, these are still considered to be rumors.

2012 Schedule
via Tastytaste
June-July 6th Edition
Sept-Oct Chaos Space Marines
Sprinkle in some flyers, buildings, and that is all you will see from the 40k front for the year.

Chaos Space Marines
The Chaos Space Marine codex is the only 40k codex for this year. It is not going to be divided into two codexes or anything special. This is not the return 3.5 codex everyone has been wanting this is more a clean up than anything else.

Troops choices will be Chaos Space Marines and Cultists
All Cult Marines are Elites
No new Special Characters
Special Characters will unlock Cult Marines as troops (Kharn for Berserkers and so on)
Typhus makes Cultists into Zombies
Chaos Dreadnaught is removed and replaced with a new unit (like how pariahs were replaced with Lychguard)
CSM now get a Flyer a Mechanical Chaos Dragon (model is done will be part of initial release)
Lesser and Greater Demons are gone
Spawn replaced by “Fell Beast”
Rules for Traitor Guard are in!

Oblit options will be even more expansive with close combat load out available.

via Bigred on BOLS
Codex author is Phil Kelly ~Whew...
Chaos Cultists are available in blob squads into the thirties...
Certain Named Characters grant various USRs and other special rules to Cultists when selected.

via Grant
Imagine a dragon made of "fire" and coverd in a platemale armor and you won't be too far off. That is the best discription I can give.

Some of the concept art shows it mauling a valkyrie mid flight. It is pretty cool.

Chaos units that kill a unit get to roll on a chart for gifts from a chaos lord very similar to the power from pain rule that Phil gave to DE.

Thousand sons are still relentless and still have ap 3 bolters.
The codex is a full color hard cover book.
There are no legion rules

6th Edition
via Tastytaste at Bok
That leaked 6th edition pdf was and is still a complete fabrication.

40k 6th edition is going to be much closer to Fantasy 8th and 40k 2nd edition than anything else.

GW still has rumor lock down in place, so these leaks are for the most part things that have been seen before from previous editions of Games Workshop games. This is to protect sources from the long arm of GW.

Let us start with 6th edition fluff progression.

The Imperium is fracturing and the Space Marines are starting to separate themselves from the Lords of Terra. The heretical and xenophobia has gotten to a tipping point causing many chapters to take actions against the “best wishes” of many in the Imperium.

A discovery of galactic importance has happened.

At a time before right before the Horus Heresy the Emperor had intrusted Roboute Guilliman in the protection of one Xenos race that was completely immune the temptations of Chaos and would prove the ultimate key to the destruction of Chaos. The Horus Heresy ended such plans. Fast forward today with discovery of these lost correspondences, it is believed by the Ultramarines and others that the Tau are that lost race. So now instead of being charge with their destruction the Astartes are the Tau protectors.

Rules changes
•Every unit gets a 6+ save vs. all Psychic Powers.
•Random Charge Lengths are in
•Pre-measuring is in.
•Random Battle field effects are in.
•All armies can purchase buildings for placement on the battlefield.
•Psychic powers are selected during deployment. (except Grey Knights)
•Deployment and Missions types have doubled.

That is right allies are back in and this will be according to fluff and will have certain restrictions. So for instance Tyranids will not have any allies. Tau with all Space Marine Chapters. Necrons with Blood Angels. Imperial Guard with Space Marines. Chaos Space Marines with Demons. If it fits the fluff it will be done.

via Bigred at Bols
Psychic Powers
-There will be at least 4+ "Disciplines" of Psychic Powers in the game. (WFB has 8 lores)
-Disciplines seem to fall roughly along the lines of the sects described in the novel "A Thousand Sons" as used by the Heresy-Era chapter.
-Each Discipline will have a "Default" power and a set of others that you will roll for each game.
-Number of rolls you get and the the exact details of which powers you end up with are said to be similar to WFB 8th's power selection mechanic.
-Powers have a "Casting Cost" that is different from the mechanic used in WFB 8th.
-Certain 6th Codices will add additional racial specific Disciplines.

via Grant
As far as 6th ed...
I will also add that vehicles use "hull points" in 6th. If a vehicle has 3 hull points it will die after 3 shaken results, but it can still explode after 1 shot as normal.

All cc weapons have AP values in 6th similar to what was in the fake 6th ed rule book leak.

There are going to be no different levels of Eternal Warrior either.

I know all of these rumors sound ridiculous but they may not be bad for the game at all. I have been chatting with the source for my documents, we both feel that based off of the csm codex that assaults off of consolidation will be back as well as possibly off the bloody deep strike. This is not only backed up by the fact that they are "nerfing" assault range, but also because of 2 special rules.

say hello to "snap fire" and the return of overwatch.

Snap fire - allows a unit to shoot at an attacking unit at bs 1 prior to being assaulted.

Rhino's have 3 hull points, Landraiders and the defiler have 4. Any damage chart result other than wrecked or explodes will take 1 hull point away.

HQ's can now challenge each other just like in fantasy. This must be accepted by opponent or is played normal. HQ that wins, wins the assault for his unit.

 "Mysterious Terrain", basically you don't know if the stuff is difficult or dangerous until you roll a d6 upon entering it

Vehicles have assigned hull points (There is no formula)

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  1. I can only see hulls points slowing down the game with no real effect on play.

    Steve Fosjord

    1. How so? Recording hull damage will be no more difficult than recording stunned/shaken/immobilized results. I don't see this as being a problem. As with Psykers, vehicles are clearly one of the most overpowered units in the game presently. Its understandable GW want to try and balance the game, and their current army books, and hopefully remove the 'rinse and repeat' army lists we see so commonly now by making other units attractive alternatives on a point v point basis. To restructure points costs across, what, about 15 army books without releasing them all would be a techinal nightmare. The only options is therefore to 'nerf' the overperforming unit types presently.

      Even still, if you consider how many shots it would take to destroy a Rhino with an autocannon without a 5 or 6 on the damage roll, I get it to about 12 hits, so 18 shots assuming the vehicle is claiming cover saves half of the time. In no way unrealistic I don't think. Think of this rule similar to Instant Death; Any vehicle would eventually give up automatically to enough heavy firepower, just in the same way any individual is getting wasted by a raingun. Can't argue with physics!

    2. apparently you are not playing necrons(gauss?), and many un-used stuff might turn fine. And hopefully we might see less razorspam and
      GK-dred-spam since they will be more easy to destroy with hull points.

  2. Hull points will make Gauss bitchin'

  3. I still don't like the Astartes being the Tau's protectors. Though I wonder how well a Tau army with SM allies will hold up.

    1. Lots of high powered weapons with SM counter assualts!!! I'm for it.

    2. I've been thinking--If the Tau have been manipulated by another race (Eldar is the most common theory) via the Ethereals, wouldn't humanity want to purge that race's influence? Especially when the Ethereals have built multi-species coalitions that even the "new" Space Marines have got to hate. If only there were some sort of renegade Tau Shas'o, who lived in the outer regions of their space in militant Enclaves and focused purely on the Tau race themselves...

      But including a Tau civil war, with the SM on the side of Farsight is baseless speculation on my part--although it seems like one of the better ways to pull off this story arc, IMO. And what his sword actually is also plays into this theory. After all, if it is a chaos artifact, and Farsight's been corrupted, the Tau would lose their "favorite race" status pretty quick when the SM realized they had the wrong race (if the SM are on the side of the Ethereals in the first place, rather than Farsight's.)

      Actually, you could use Farsight and his Dawn Blade to cause the SM to join the Tau, start a civil war on either side, realize they had the wrong species, and then skeddadle right out of the ensuing conflict flipping the bird to the xenos and laughing all the way. It would be an elegant way of opening up fluffy Ally options while still preserving the Status Quo. But I'm just thinking out loud here.

    3. Space marines are tau's babysitters...Simplest way to explain. Makes perfect sense: Tau are a young reckless but advanced race while SM are the stern babysitters who make sure the tau power off their railguns at 6, and send them to bed XD.

  4. Oh good, drbored isn't up.

    1. I have had several confirmations from different sources that the above is what we will see.

      I am sure drbored has his source, I just cannot get a confirmation from my contact list on the information. That and it conflicts with what I have been hearing.

      So nothing personal towards drbored. 6th is coming very soon.

    2. Hey man, don't hate.

      Time will tell, anyway. I'm just eager to get all this hulabaloo out the gates so we can play the game.

    3. Hey anon 7:41... Why would someone who actually MADE an account PURPOSELY give us crap info while regularly going on here? Your an anon and should be treated as such. If you dont like his rumors, make an account and talk to him man to man. Dont cower behind Anonymous, do you have something to share then because im sure we would all like to hear it...

  5. I have stated my thoughts on the whole background matter in previous posts, so let me just say that moving back towards WHFB is one of the dumbest moves they could possibly make. 40k and Fantasy are radically different games that evolved in completly different directions. in my opinion there is very little need for GW to consolidate these franchises.
    I persoanlly rejoyced when they axed most of the convulted Fantasy rules like the psychology stuff during the move from 2nd to 3rd.
    I suspect this is done to boost the sales of WHFB by making it easier to move over from 40k, but that might just be being cynical.

    1. I quite like the idea of WHFB and 40k being entirely separate - after all, they are 40,000 years apart. Anyway, if they make one too much like the other, then it'll become harder to learn the rules - there will be confusion over which rules are in which game.
      Also, if every unit gets a 6+ save against psychic powers, why make psykers worse by making their powers random? Just noticed that little rule.

  6. Why do necrons ally with blood angels?

    1. In the Necron Codex there is a mention of them fighting the Tyranids together.

  7. There's going to be a lot of pissed off Chaos Players (not just the Khorne ones either), if certain special characters miss out on eternal warrior again..

    Also, not sure how a big metal fire dragon fits into a Death Guard army either (or any really cept the Khorne krew).. I mean most people cry unfluffy if we even take a single Oblit. :/

    1. Challenge accepted I guess

    2. Tzeentch might have a fiery dragon too.

    3. True I guess but I thought they would be more into glittery chickens myself.

    4. Not that I give ANY credence to these rumors, but I think everyone's misreading the "challenge" part. It says they must be accepted OR it is played as normal. You don't HAVE to accept it; if you don't, it's "played as normal." Now, there may be a penalty if you decline, etc., but it doesn't sound to me like you have to fight a bunch of duels or anything.

  8. A friend of mine who is friend of someone from Games Workshop whose name begins with M... and ends with ...att Ward told me that 6th edition will be something similar to Lords of the Rings in the Space!!!

    1. I heard from the Emperor himself that Horus has been reborn to a virgin Necron and has sided with the Tau. He will ride a giant chicken into battle and this will be the Tau's new super flyer, raining strength 20 AP 1 apocalypse eggs in every phase.

      We will see when the new Tau Codex is released sometime in the next 30 mins.

    2. I've heard the rulebook is full of blank pages. If you look at them for long enough you'll go insane and your brain will exploded.

      The psychic deathscream of all 40K fans will tear a rift in the fabric of reality and Earth will become a daemonplanet.

      Rulebook is to be released 21st December 2012. Mayans predicted it.

  9. Can't wait to get my hands on the 6th edition rulebook. I'm not going to bitch and moan because some of this might be either untrue or not as bad when viewed in the big picture.

    Very excited about the flyers, and can't wait for other armies to get buildings.

    As for chaos legions. I wonder if the BOLS people have sketches of that 'dragon' flyer.

  10. wow chaos legions that arnt chaos legions-makes perfect gw senseafter all chaos is only a minor footnote in 40k.give the chaos players what they dont want and they will buy more models,maybe even start an imperial marine army cause everyboby wants to play em anyway.if they mess this codex up as bad as the last one-and it sounds like they are,i pray to the chaos gods that i get to meet jervis johnson in person-so i can ram that book right down his throat.why not up his butt-plans for that include a chain saw and a fist full of sand.

  11. I'm really not too enthused about the Chaos rumors. The stubborn No New Special Characters, No Legions Rules, Cultists and a weird dragon thing are the only things we get new? I'd love a Hellblade, I'd love new SC's, I'd love legion rules, and I'm certain that a lot of Chaos players agree. Last thing we need is another vague 'Black Legion and Friends' Codex.

    1. Whatever happened to that Chaos was getting two books? Is that still out there? Or did someone get mixed up and counted the WHFB book as well?

    2. Maybe the rumor mongers are really just prepping us for the worst given GW tendency to disappoint where Chaos are concerned.

      Saying that, I agree these rumours do seem very lack luster even for that considering every ones wishlist for this codex and if the rumour of only getting the one codex this year is true also, Its going to be that little bit more a kick in the teeth.

    3. The rumors of getting multiple books puttered out. It doesn't even seem like it's going to change in name. It will probably be called "Codex: Chaos Space Marines" instead of "Codex: Chaos Legions".

      A lot of Chaos players have become very jaded and bitter over the 4th edition Codex. Back when that was released, it brought us in line with other Codices, but ever since then we've been outdone and overshadowed by armies that suddenly have so many more options, while Chaos only has one 'competitive' list.

      Here's hoping.

    4. 1st thing they need is to bring back demons into Chaos similar to 3rd edition codex.

      WTF does Allies mean?

  12. Look, does some of it sound bad. Yes, oh yes! but without the book in hand, without any reliable information (for these are just rumors after all), not worth throwing out our models, calling threats, or requesting cheese to go with your whine, there is only one thing any body can do. WAIT.

    Why? Because when Chaos comes out for 6th, the first cries we will hear is 'OMG they are so OP!' Of course they will be! You wanted an update, it's coming out. WAIT

    No reason to be so hateful and angry over a game of telephone. Especially if they claim to have or have seen a codex. Now, I'll go back in my corner and wait for my Tau Codex, since every time they are mentioned you add a year.

    1. I'm not sure anyone is being hateful lol but we do have legitimate reason to ask for a change to some of the many pointless rules we have in the codex atm (crazed dread, random possessed, Practically all HQ not taken taken compared to DP's etc..)

      I don't want over powered rules, I just want fair rules that will give me reason to play some different units, mix it up a bit and still have a fun good game.

      Makes sense to GW to do that as well. I mean I'd love to see the sales figure on Possessed for the last 3 years compared to plague Marines.

    2. I think the difficulty a lot of people are having is that Chaos rumors have been coming out for a long time, and to have such an influx now suggests that they're coming out sooner than later, and a lot of people are just chomping at the bit to get some actual information.

      Also, I'm not so certain Chaos is going to be so OP. If it's the first book after the new edition, it could end up being a very 'meh' Codex when compared to even the older ones. The last Space Marines Codex suffered from this. It was great that it got so many new options and all that, but it didn't take long for it to be overshadowed once all the other Codexes learned to play under the new rules.

      I'm eager for Chaos to get updated, but not so eager for it to be the 6th edition 'tester' Codex.

    3. I dunno, SM are still a very strong army that have a fair chance of winning against anyone considering how they have been placing in tournaments over the years up until now and that is also with some very varied lists.
      I'd say it was neither a 'meh or over powered codex but a fair one that doesn't need things like deathstars or certain units to win and gives a lot of choice and variety to SM players and can then still go up against the best.

      This is how I would like to see all codex's handled, not just Chaos.

    4. And yes I know MW wrote that codex and in my eyes it was his best work to date by far, just how a shame how things went so wrong after that..

    5. I have to agree. In terms of Codices, the Space Marines Codex does still hold its own. There are frayed edges where you can see where it was the 'testing ground' of 5th, but it's quite balanced and there are still a lot of competitive builds, even some that people are still discovering. In terms of Matt Ward Codices, it's the best he's written in 5th edition.

    6. In terms of crunch? No doubt. Codex 'Ultramarines' is his best work. Very balanced, very little in terms of must-haves or stuff you should never field, though I'd argue that Necrons are not that bad there either. In terms of fluff it is however very much bad, bad, BAD. Spiritual Liege? Most beloved chapters suddenly looking up to the UMs as the bestest, most unique snowflakes ever? No, does not compute. I always had a soft spot for the smurfs in terms of fluff, but Ward killed that sympathy very efficently.

    7. I miss 3rd edition Chaos Codex. It had such a "chance" feel to it. The fact that many of the units strengths dependeded on a dice roll felt so... Chaos...to me. The fact that you could have a strong weapon one minute and a puny one next felt fun. (Noise Marines come to mind)

      Then when I saw the recent codexes and noticed that Demons were all but removed it made me sad and angry. What is chaos without Demons. What, Space marines betrayed the emperor but don't want to be around Demons. What is that?

      I feel sad that I have these Demon models but now they aren't really worthwhile because they don't have a use in my CSM army.

  13. I really hope the rumor that dreadnoughts are being replaced is fake. I would get depressed since that means all those Forgeworld dreads I bought recently would've been a waste of money...

    1. The rumor is that Dreads are simply being renamed, not replaced. Chaos Dreadnoughts are too iconic to simply drop from the Codex. They'll be there, just under a different name.

  14. has anybody stopped to think that maybe the guys who are claiming that the new chaos codex will just be a clean up of the last,one and that theres for sure no new characters are the ones being lied to by there "sources"?theres a witch hunt going on at gw to find there leaks,and the rumor is that the lame rumors were leaked intentionally,because they would be more believable and posted more often-which they have been.

  15. Hate to sound like the noob, but can someone explain the Overwatch rule? I understand what its going to do, I would just like to understand the mechanics behind it. Thanks in advance.

    1. The gist is that you select a shooty unit and you say "This guy is going on Overwatch." During your opponent's turn, if something moves into that unit's weapon range, that unit shoots the moving unit. It pretty much delays your shooting phase until the opponent's turn, and forces your opponent to be more careful about where they put their models. If used right, you can create quite the game of cat-and-mouse.

    2. Thank you very much Dr.Bored, that's what I guessed it was, just wanted to ask to be 100% sure.

    3. Second edition overwatch rule, quick and dirty:
      "If a squad did not move during movement phase, it may go into Overwatch. Troops on Overwatch skip their Shooting Phase in order to be able to fire during their opponent’s turn."
      Depending on who you ask, this was either a very tactical decision to basically establish a killzone, or a huge mess, because it nearly always boiled down to two opposing units sitting just outside firing range, Overwatching each other and no player daring to move for fear of getting shot to bits.

    4. Whatever happened to "no guts, no glory?" Someone has to bite the bullet, or move around the field then. To those who dared, lol.

    5. Thanks also to Norrikan for that explanation, @tyaralashan, I agree but some times running into a line of guns is a worthless choice (well, most times). What if you don't reach them to assault? How about if you take a beating and fail morale, now your running away from the gun line and taking a beating from behind. I can see how it would become a mess as units park and just wait........and wait........and wait....makes for a dull game.
      Were there any limits on Overwatch? Like range or weapon type (heavy, rapid fire)? Could you park some sniper rifles with good line of sight use Overwatch? Thanks in advance.

    6. With some minor exceptions there were no limits to Overwatch. Every unit in Overwatch had to pass a leadership check when shot at to remain in Overwatch, but there were a bunch of ways around that.
      Also, a unit could use any weapon it had during overwatch firing, including grenades. A tactical squad could chuck 7 kraks at you, then roll two rapidfire dice for their heavy bolter, hit you with their flamer and for a final hurrah have their sergant use an wargear equip card to smack you with a graviton or psych-out grenade, preventing any movement next turn. Fun times. Don't even get me started on devastators...

    7. .....thank you for that terrifying explanation. Can now understand why Overwatch went away. My real curiosity is how will the new rules prevent the same thing happening in 6th edition. Guess we'll have to wait for the main rule book. Thanks again.

  16. Seems like at least one person who posted those rumors is gonna be proven wrong...Will it be Grant, Tastypaste, BIGRED, JayDee himself??? Who knows cant wait for the fact check so I can come to all these past posts and troll the liars, Who is with me!

  17. so whats the latest rumor on when chaos legions will be out?

  18. Arent the Tau the species that the space marines had a hand in attempting to destroy in the Damocles Gulf Crusade. And background wise there are some space marine chapters that we know WILL NEVER ally with a xenos. Namely the Black Templars, Minotaurs, Marines Malevolent, Iron Hands etc.

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