This morning we have a small rumor set that was posted in response to the rumors coming out of Tastytaste, Grant, and Bols. This rumor back tracks a little bit on a couple things as far as new special characters, legion specific armies, and a few other things.

Part of this resonates with other sources I have heard, the part about 6th edition...."the game is faster, bloodier and will turn you into a blood thirsty warlord who cant wait for his next fight".

Please remember that these are rumors and to be held as such. I did edit these a little from the original comments. If you are interested in the original comments, they are found below in the link. These rumors were put up in the comment section of this blog a few days ago, and are simply transferred to here.

I have not had the opportunity to discuss these with warmaster outside of the blog, so please take the following with a good amount of salt. They conflict with previous rumors and the part where special characters make it into the codex from the writings of the Black Library I find hard to take. However, I do see some similarities, enough to say that there just might be some truth in here as well.

via warmaster
i've been content till now to sit back and watch...but i think nows the time to chime in.concerning the soon coming chaos legions.....lets say "theoretically"(to protect my source)i have a close friend in game development.they have assured me that the new codex will be everything we debased chaos junkies have been hoping for and more!!!!!!

first,legions will be able to fight the way they are meant to, and with the way 6th editions % system will work,the armys will be even more legion specific playable.....

word bearers with all possessed as troops,or iron warrior armys with insane amounts of heavy weapons,all terminator black legion armys!!!!!also,dreadnaughts are not being replaced....they are being made even meaner and will have more weapon options-and NO RANDOM EFFECTS!!!!

there will be new characters...can you say little horus, honsou, argel tal, korpharon, the soul hunter...just to name a few.

existing characters will be made meaner and more playable(cost less).also,the new fluff is -as i was told-mind blowing,melt your brain down for a week!!!!

about 6th edition,i was told that it will blow your mind once you actually play it,the game is faster,bloodier and will turn you into a blood thirsty warlord who cant wait for his next fight!!!!!!

for those of you who are already complaining about the future with 6th edition i say this......wait and give it a chance,my source has told me that gw has been listning to us and that 90% of 6th edition was made with the input of veteran players

word has it all cult troops will be cheaper, and that the thousand sons magik abilities will make peoples heads spin!!!!basically chaos WILL BE THE BAD BOYS OF LEGEND.

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