As 5th edition seems to be wrapping up, it appears from the last several releases this year that Games Workshop is wrapping up loose ends this year before the upcoming release of 6th edition, which is said to be released in July.

My thoughts today were about what I want released before the onset of a new addition?

A massive Space Marine finecast release, alongside the latest 2nd wave of necrons is the latest release. Earlier this year we had a nice wave of Space Wolves and Tyranids models that were greatly needed in the hobby. So far the releases have been nice, and fairly large.

So really what is currently missing now? I know there are always a few special characters (dark eldar), and some misc. straggler units, but for the most part we are very complete.

Flyers..... This is the most obvious choice I see, and these are rumored to be released in June. Overall I think GW has done a good job of wrapping up 5th edition if we see a wave of flyers next. So with the rumors abound, flyers seems like the most obvious and needed release. Everything from the Dark Eldar Voidraven, to the Necron Doomscythe are going to be greatly needed if there really are flyers added to the standard game of 6th edition. So there will definetly be a need for a more standard flyer for space marines in the chapters without the storm raven , and there are rumors to support a release of one.

I know we have not seen a new codex for some time, but personally I like it that they are waiting until after 6th edition to release it. Its possible we will see the codex right away, but for the most part, a codex after the release of 6th edition is the wisest choice.

So to Games Workshop I say, "Nice job wrapping up 5th edition. Give us a month with the new addition rules, and then give us a codex please."

Warhammer 40k is a large game, and to be honest, I can't keep track of all its models. Is there anything really besides flyers that should be released before the onset of 6th?

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