Even though this has been out a few days already ( I am playing catch today), its a wonderful piece of Iron Warrior artwork. I just wish it had been out when I featured them on my pics of the week, two weeks ago. Here it is, along with the link to order this new Black Library release.

via The Black Library
This is the art that’s going to adorn the cover of The Siege of Castellax, a new Space Marine Battles novel by C.L. Werner. From the wings, hazard stripes and claws, you’ve probably guessed that this is about the Iron Warriors – Warsmith Andraaz (the mean looking guy on the above) leads his warband in the defence of his fortress against a system-crushing ork Waaagh! Will the masters of siege warfare hold out against the deadly greenskin invasion? You’ll have to read the book to find out.



  1. As an old Siegesmith myself, I am down with everything including those guys.
    'Iron within, iron without' and all that. Now we just need a series focusing on each legion in turn.

  2. Ave dominus nox

  3. I really wish they do another book on the emperors childern... I really liked fulgrim.. and would to to read some more... make it more like clive barker helbound heart... it be great.

  4. Never found the IW to be interesting. Death Guard - now there's a battles book I'd like to read. But GW rarely graces the Death Guard with any intelligent writing, always presenting them as mindless zombie Astartes automatons.

    Either way though - cool pic.

    1. Would be cool to have a Death Guard book seeking revenge for Morty's tattoo.. Only if it ends in Draigo being forced to marry a Great Unclean One though.

    2. That is actually what my DG armies theme is. Fighting through armies looking for the Grey knights and waiting for Draigo to appear so they can give slap him around some.

      Tactics go out the window when I see the lil ghet on the table!

  5. Nice, looking forward to this.


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