Of course there was more to the year old rumors than the mere release of a few flyer models. A new Supplement giving us some new rules that would cover dogfighting and some scenarios to fight with.

This rumor places this supplement that was mentioned by stickmonkey a year ago, between now and the 6th edition release. Somehow I find that a little hard to beleive, since we really do not have any flyer rules to physically "supplement". Rumors are rumors though, and this one has Harry's response to it afterwards.

Please do not forget that these are rumors. Always until we get an official word or have the released pages in hand do we leave the rumor world.

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Here's a rumour for ya. I have it on good authority that a small supplement with rules for dog fighting and such would be out between the flyers and the next edition. I heard this snippet an hour ago from one of my old colleagues in h.q.

I guess we would see it going up for advance order in the next few weeks since there isn't much time between now and the release of sixth.

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This supplement is the one I mentioned in the first post.

It was this supplement that I was expecting in the Autumn, (rather than the kits)

It was my assumption the kits would come with it.

I was expecting it after 6th ... as the first supplement to the new edition ... and released quite soon after.

But this was always based on some very sketchy information.

So great to finally get some confirmation, from a trustworthy source, that I am not completely bonkers

My time scale was based on when this was being play tested and allowing time for re-writes, editing printing, etc and distribution. But I know you and I have differed on how long this takes before ... you think this can all happen faster than I do. If your right it may turn up before I have predicted.

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So my take on this rumor.......
Personally I feel that we will see this supplement at the exact same time we see a second wave of flyers, August. Of course this is based off of logic, rather than rumor. If the rumors are true though, we will be seeing this come to light very very soon, as GW will start advertising 6th edition probably a little earlier than the normal 2 weeks before with White Dwarf.


  1. At this point, why would it be a supplement at all? Why wouldn't it be in the core rulebook?

  2. Been hoping for thi all along. Hopefully this will not enforce the use of" flyers" In regular games. This seems likely because you can play with all the flyers using regular rules in regular games,while the supplement will use the flyers in all their glory. Kudos for GW for drawing the line.

  3. I'm sure it will do as well as the other supplements: Battle Missions, Spearhead, Apocalypse, Planet Strike, Cities of Death... all exceedingly well balanced, doing marvelously, and being played constantly at my local shop.

    1. Don't forget Storm of Magic...

    2. battle missions is fun... horribly unbalanced, but it's fun to do 3-mission campaigns with.

  4. Ehmm...cause if it is in the separate WD it brings more money, no?

  5. Sounds kinda spiffy. If they release more fliers (coughVoidravencoughHarpycough) then it certainly sounds like it could be fun. With only a handful of fliers currently released, it seems just a touch limited in scope... If I were GW, I'd hold off till a few more armies had updates with fliers.


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