Ok, so they called it Charger Actions. We over here on Faeit 212 already know of a rule like this and we have been calling it Snap Fire. So Lets take a look to see if there were any differences in what they know or what we know.

First off, I do not know if they are just speaking of snap fire or they have a different source. I am hoping they are discussing a different source, and the fact that they did not mention "snap fire" by name is leading me to believe their source is different than ours.

From Beasts of War
"Charger Actions" Stand and Shoot
The unit getting charged if equipped with pistols, and probably assault weapons and rapid fire weapons (but not heavies) will get the chance to fire at opposing units as they charge into close combat.

The Ballistic skill for these will be at BS1. Flamers will rock for this kind of shooting.

That's all they said.

Did they hear it from a seperate source? If so that is a very good confirmation of what we are going to see. Otherwise its nothing new.

On a side note, I was curious on average what one of my 10 man Purifier units would look like with snap fire. 4 psycannons and 6 storm bolters. Approx 1 psycannons hit, 1 wound, and probably 2 storm bolter hits with 1 wound. That's rally not much to even consider from assaulting a 10 man unit. Not a single dead marine.

On the other side, a Konrad Curse from the videos, his 5 chosen with plasma guns, 10 plasma gun shots, we will say 1-2 hits, and 1-2 dead.

While snap fire seems very cool, I see it being more important to larger units that really do not want to be assaulted. Like 30 man IG blob squads.

On the flamer side of things..... Wow, you mean that if I want to assault, I am probably not going to want to charge straight into several flamers? Might have to hit them from the side, to hopefully avoid some flamer death. Sounds like some cool tactics on this one......

Of course on the flamer side of things.. If I put them up front they can flame that unit assaulting me, however, they would also be my first casualties vs shooting.... hmmmmm

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