While this has been out for a couple days now, it just might be a preview of what we are going to be seeing when it comes to Allies for 6th edition. It gives us a full list of who can ally with who, and notice that there are some penalties for some alliances. (some benefits as well).

These match up with some of the rumors we have been hearing from Tastytaste on Allies for the next addition, and I for one have been excited with the possibility of running my Imperial Guard with assassins again.

Here is a link to the full document. It is a Warhammer World document for doubles games. One thing to note as well is that the missions have some new ideas thrown in there. They really are not that new, but I am hoping for a better mission system in 6th, and this could be a start of a preview for us.

Here is a link to the full Document. Allies are on page 6.
Warhammer World Doubles Pack

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