Welcome to the first of its kind here on Faeit 212, where we explore a beloved part of our hobby, and where artists within it get their name and work front and center in their own Artist Showcase.

This hobby is about many things, but one of the few things it is not often called is art. By any terms of work, or artistic creativity, there are many Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy models found throughout the world that are pure artwork at its finest. From painting, sculpting, and to customization, this hobby produces some of the best, and this is their showcase.

I would love to show off every persons work immediately upon receiving it, however, I will be choosing one per week from those pics that are sent in to me for this showcase. If you would like to participate, send in 3-10 pictures and a brief description of either what you did with these, or with other comments or tips (up to a couple paragraphs) to natfka@live.com. Please do not forget to include how you want your name to be presented.

If yours does not get posted the following week, do not fret, I will be often selecting based on this criteria. Where 3+ pictures sent in to me?, and was some text included. Of course your models should be looking great in the pictures. I will be getting to everyone that sends me a submission. I will do my best to not hold your spotlight out more than a couple weeks, and I may be doing follow up spotlights during the week if too many submissions are waiting to be posted.

The Great Part is that you can either link a site/ blog and or promote your painting services through this. I am only doing one artists at a time to make sure that each artist gets his own time and spotlight.

Without waiting any longer, here is the first weeks.... and today's was picked by being first to submit and they are some excellent conversions, and the theme of these models is carried throughout the rest of the army (more pics on his site).

So if you would like to be included for next weeks, lets get those projects moving.

The Scythiak Usurpation
by Sons of Taurus

These fine fellows are from my Chaos guard army, the Scythiak Usurpation.

I wanted a unit of Ogryn in the army, and wanted them to fit in with the techno-barbarian theme I was shooting for, so elected to convert them out of WHFB Ogres with a Minotaur as the unit leader.

More pics of the rest of the army can be found at their army profile and various other pics of the army in action can be found across my site, Sons of Taurus.

Thanks for looking!

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