Well, June is almost here and many people are talking about the new flyers. The second topic of the week are June price increases. This is expected every year, and this year it seems like the increase is a little bit high, but that is the price of our game. If it truly does come down to a 4% increase like rumors say, I for one will just eat it like normal. Now if only we could all get 4% raises to accommodate we would be happy.

Here is the rumor. I think this one is pretty much a fact of life now, but add a little salt for the details

via spikey bits
4% when averaged across the board.

Stormraven to $82
Landraiders to $75.
Rhino $37.25 
 Razorback  $41.25.

I have also seen the spreadsheets of the entire GW range, and they match up, so I am going to assume these are 100% accurate.

I also have this that was sent into me via Tyarlashan

This is an email from Mini War Gaming about the prices for Games Workshop in Canada

It's almost June again, which means that Games Workshop will be doing another price increase.

I just received word that the prices will be going up between 5 - 20%.

For example, the Space Marine battleforce is currently selling for $130, but will go up to $155 in a week.

I do not know the differences in prices for each between countries. So I will leave the information as it stands.

OK, please keep the comments civil. If you are going to quit warhammer due to a few dollars price increase on all the models that you already have, by all means enjoy yourself, no need to share since you wont be around anymore.

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