A hard hitting battle on the tabletop between the Night Lords and Grey Knights. This was a tough one that lasted 7 full rounds with no clear "Who will Win". Watch to find Out if the Night Lords will claim Victory once and for all over the Grey Knights.

This was the rematch from the last Grey Knight sweep, so the lists are the same. However this time, the Night Lords hit their mark, played extremely well, and concentrated on the limitations of the Grey Knights. I wont give away who won the battle, but lets just say it was the closest fight I have had in a long time.

Video wise, I am trying quite a few new things in this one in an attempt to find my niche in video battle reports. So any comments both positive or constructive are welcome. Once again, this video is already posted to the page on the site with videos.

The lists......
On my side was an updated Grey Knights list, with 3 full squads of purifiers, couple strike squads, 2 purgation squads, a Grand Master and Librarian. Loads of psycannons in this one.

On the Night Lords side of things, it was the same version as last video, with a heavy heavy dose of plasma. Chaos Terminators with combi-plasmas, two lash sorcerors (one in terminator armour), 2 full 10 man chaos marine squads w/missile launchers, a couple with meltas and combi meltas in rhinos, 2 chosen squads loaded with plasma, and 3 units of havocs (1 with autocannons, 2 fully loaded with plasma).

Some of the crazy things that happened.....
It took me 4 rounds of trying to move through difficult terrain to get into the ruins. The moment I did, I was lashed 10" backwards and had to start over. Luckily I was able to finally enter the ruins and make the game close.

Konrad Curze (my opponent) was very adept this game at only entering my 24" range when he chose to. He used this to his advantage, several rounds making sure that he was within 24" of my unit, but 24" out of my psychic hood range. With this happening, his chaos sorcerors dominated a lot of game play. I just was not able to beat the dice to keep myself in hood range. When I did, he simply moved back and forth to wreck havoc on me.

My purgation squads were once again my all-stars on the Grey Knight side of things. I ended up taking 3 perils of the warp within the first 3 rounds of play. Throughout the game, it went up to 5 perils. The warp just would not bend to the will of the Grey Knights, and even when it did, it killed or wounded  several Grey Knight psykers.

It was a great game. The type that I enjoy the most. Hard hitting lists fighting out a tough battle.


  1. Awesome video, looks like a hell of a game. Loved the music, the fonts were good. Enjoyed the close ups of the assaults. Missed the pre-game army and character close ups.
    The end game shots in the ruins were a little dark, at least to me, so it was a bit hard to make out what exactly was going on in there. Keep making these videos!!

  2. Looks like it was a fun game. Chaos sorcerers can be quite nasty when used correctly.
    A bit more light for the close-ups would not be amiss, but otherwise it was a solid vid.
    As an aside, "Strike Squad Dangerously Deep Strikes into the Battle" made me thing that the name of the strike squad was 'Dangerously Deep', which would have been the best thing ever. *smirks*

    1. Yea, now going back over it, what the hell was I typing. Dangerously Deepstriking doesnt make sense. Will clean that stuff up on the next one.

  3. I would like to see you try a different bat rep using another army other than GK. Not that I don't like GK but I would be interested in seeing your other armies as well, Natfka. Also you should do a batrep of an APOCALYPSE game! XD

    1. I second JayDees motion for an Apocalypse video.

  4. Your vidoes do an amazing job showing off the models and terrain, but it very difficult to tell from just the video what exactly happened each turn. What unit moved where, shot/assaulted who, and who died/was deatroyed?

  5. Great report, though it was a bit hard to follow the overall flow of the battle with so many cinematic shots.

    Maybe an overhead shot between turns with simple arrows and markers to show casualties or something?

    Fantastic quality though, much better quality than most of the competition.


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