6th Edition Release is Imminent! A letter from GW!

Yesterday I recieved an email and information that Games Workshop is sending out to its stores about the upcoming release of 6th edition! This is news, mostly because it is as close as we can get to a confirmation of all the rumors that 6th edition is on its way.

Check these out.....

A big thanks to the two people below for sending in the information to me, so that we can share it here with the greater community!

via Alex
Just heard this from my local GW, they've been told to remove all 5th edition rulebooks from shelves and sales on May 28th which means 6th could be right around the corner!

via Tatepon
Today gw stores got an email.
in it were orders to remove the 40k rulebook tomorrow (26.05) from the shelves after the shop closes.

it will be removed from the website on the 28th.

additionally theyll have a retail-meeting mid june after which more informations will follow.

furthermore we were told asking customers that it was removed because there will be something new soon and that more info will be released in the near future.

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  1. Ah hah. Fortunately we knew all this but nice to see GW "confirming" it. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Yes... Now we can hopefully start to get more confirmed leaks and possibly some pics. I wouldn't mind seeing something telling me exactly what will get released then, too (limited edition items, etc). Also, has anyone spoken up about the price of the new rulebook?

    1. I'm excited to see the LE items as well!

      Going off the WFB book, $80?

  3. Considering all this, the book has to have been printed and sitting in storage for some time already, if they want to get it into stores by mid/end june.
    As a sucker for collector's editions, I am curious for the LE as well.

  4. Cankt wait for the new rules if their anything like the leaked rules should make things interesting.

  5. Was told by an employee at my local GW that he is not allowed to take any time off for the next two months because of something huge happening in 40k. Also mentioned that games nights will be solely 40k for next two months.

  6. Expect some kind of counter on GW's website in about two weeks. :)

    Just a rumour.

  7. And soon we see whether those power armour vs spiky power armour rumours are true :/

    Hell, it'd be nice to see the starter go the way of WFB 8th: Two hard-ish armies for starters (don't know that much about skaven but H. elves, yeah) rather than Sphess mahreens vs Spiky Spehss mahrines (w/ cultists)

  8. It's about time. Well, if there's a meeting in Mid-June about all this, that does slate it pretty well for release by July. Mid-June implies 2 weeks (ish) before the beginning of July, which is about when this stuff will start leaking like a faucet.

  9. They're also pushing Black Reach to get rid of the backstock, ready for the new boxed set in late Septemeber/early October.

  10. I wish they'd sell the mini rulebook separately. The profit margin on it should be pretty extraordinary.

  11. LOL. It's only a new edition of their best-selling game. Why would they call any attention to it before it's on the street? SOUND MARKETING STRATEGY.

    I'm trying to remain optimistic, but all I read about the 6th Ed previews/leaks sounds... grim. Guess we'll see soon enough.

  12. well, the rulebook is unavailable now (5th), but AoBR is still out..............

  13. GW Website no longer lists the 5th Ed. rulebook. If you search for it, it does appear but you get bounced to the homepage when you click on it.