It looks like a new space marine flyer might just be given a sneak preview tonight, or today depending on where you are at.

The guys over at Beasts of War have something, or at least are talking like they do. They are doing a show tonight that will apparently reveal the new Space Marine Stormtalon, plus a new Biltza-Bommer, Dakkajet and Burna-Bommer.  Also of course they are saying the new Necron Doom and Night Scythes are going to be revealed. I am going to go out on on a limb and say that this is our June 2nd release that Harry had mentioned earlier.

The Ork model looks like it might be one box, and three different versions. I guess we will have more later in the day.

via Beasts of War.
That’s right guys… Tonight’s show is all about the new… wait for it… Space Marine Stormtalon… the Necron Doom & Night Scythes… plus the new Ork Biltza-Bommer, Dakkajet and Burna-Bommer! and we expect these bad boys to hit the shelves, perhaps around June 2nd?

We’ll have a “look” at them in more detail and discuss some of the special rules you might expect for such awesome hardware!

Who would you want to be a Fighter Ace that shoots down enemy skimmers?

What if one could shrug off Melta weapons?

Would you want a flier that turns up and strafes across enemy lines?

We’ll discuss all this and more tonight!

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