The June 2nd event at GW stores seems to have been uncovered. So according to this it is not a huge flyer release party.

Does this mean flyers will not be released in June? We still have no idea. In fact they could still be released that weekend, its just that the events mentioned prevously on the GW facebook pages were not talking about flyers.

Or so Games Workshop would like us to believe.........

Please realize, that until this event is formally announced, its still all up in the air, so I am classiflying it as a rumor. Since smoke and mirrors seem to be quite common these days. So a little salt required.

Here is the link to the previous rumor.

via gutsmaka
the ork glyph with the big Waaagh! is a GW store event, check one of their facebook pages. its an event about buying a: character, unit, tank and then playing games against other peopls character, unit, tank, depening on the event. basically, "if you buy models from us you get to play with them!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!" and its called waaagh! because its the GW name for crazy war. (these "games" will have about 5-10 people with their character, unit, tank).

sorry to burst this rumor bubble, as much as I'd like it to be true, this has nothing to do with orks. sorry

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