This week flyers hit the stage, and wow, the rumors were true. Not only are we seeing the flyers, but 6th edition rumors are filtering out everywhere and being discussed and tested against what we know and expect.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Beating Grey Knights
I am going to be a little bit straight to the point directed at all those that think the Grey Knights have it all, and are the strongest army on the field. Grey Knights can be beaten, and to top it off, they are getting beaten all over the place. Its time for players that are not having success against the Grey Knights to catch up.

Yes they have a strong army, and yes, the way the current meta was, Grey Knights were dominant. Of course they were, look at what they were facing, mostly Blood Angels and Space Wolves, which for the most part play directly into the strengths of Grey Knights. (at least most lists).

This is not meant to brag or gloat, but I generally win or draw a majority of my games, and with Grey Knights against non Blood Angels or Space Wolves, my Grey Knights have my losses higher than I have had over 10 years. Two things, Yes I play an excellent crowd of players, and yes the games have been close, but the older armies that have range... from IG, Tau, even Dark Eldar are providing tougher matches.

Whats this say about Grey Knights......
1. Lose the Razorback/MSU spam list..... Psydreads just smoke it
2. Stay out of range, until a time of your choosing

1+2= Success in competing against Grey Knights. Its that simple. If Grey Knights are and have been the new meta, it seems too few (supposed) good players have simply failed to adjust like they have in the past. If your still at this point complaining, its time to re-evaulate your lists. Grey Knights dominate at 24". Beyond that, if you are not light armour, there are some serious issues for the knights in gray.

6th Edition
We are getting so close, its hard to contain the excitement. With the official announcements only 2-4 weeks away, I am busting to get my hands on the rulebook. I can imagine I will be reading the entire thing from front to cover the moment I get it. I will try to actually drive home first, but I may just be stuck in the parking lot.

There are tons of rumors abound right now. As an overall picture of what the game is going to be like, I am very excited. I can see my dedication to 40k deepening, and my fanaticism growing stronger. Yes, I am a little bit of an obsessive person, but without being so, I could not do this blog day in and day out.

I mean how fun is it to set fire to terrain pieces..... Already looking at my armies and where flamers are going to be. Flyers and more cinematic fights fits right into what I love. Yes, I am the kind of person that does not annalyze the game from a chess like replay of the game. (I play that way, but do not think that way). I still way over analyze the game, but I see it through cinematic eyes.

I recall a game where busting out of a webway portal were 3 monstrous talos. They hit the Salamander lines like a nuclear bomb, all at once right into a massive melee. Vulcan stood tall, and slew the first two with little aid from his unit as they were getting torn to shreds by the dark eldar monsters. After miraculously slaying two of the constructs, he charged fearlessly into the 3rd and destroyed the beast saving not only the marines it was tearing limb from limb, but the entire Salamander lines.

This is how I see games amidst all the analyzing how my army performed. The above game...... I lost badly. Its one of my fondest 40k memories right after the codex came out.

Give me the cinematics GW, Im with ya.

Ad Mech
Yes, its my latest project...... or will be. I am waiting until I move, but I am going to be playing with Ad Mech units like Skitarii in my Grey Knights list. Not because I will convert anything and everything to get an Ad Mech army, but because skitarii are mentioned in the Warrior acolytes section of Inquisitorial Henchmen. With one simple change up... (counting jokaero weaponsmiths as Praetorians), a full or at least a good part of it, army of Ad Mech will be a blast to work on.

I am almost done with my list, and will soon start working on the models.

I won!
OK, I have won a conversion, that I am excited about. I am the kind of person that beleives in only one kind of luck... bad. It's just the way its been. Its why I cannot gamble. Luck is just not something on my stat list. Its also one of the reasons I do not like smaller games. Less dice to roll, more of a chance that a few bad rolls will dominate the game. I love averages, and if I roll averages, (even if I lost), I had a good game. Those that know me well enough, know this.

However, I recently won a contest. Mr. Pink over at Here is a fun video for the contest. Just for those interested...... The conversion will be Asdrubael Vect! You can probably expect some fanfare here when the model is completed.

There are a lot of talented people that hold contests on their blogs. If you are not sure where they are.... keep an eye out on the Faeit 212 BlogExchange.


  1. Man I totally agree about Grey Knights, I'm still early into my 40k playing but slowly picking up the little tricks (although that'll be blown out of the water with 6th ed!). The first game I played against Grey Knights I was scared, but I did really well against them. I didn't have a lot of ranged fire but managed to control one or two areas and not let myself get caught into too much firing unless I had cover saves. I've since played several games against GK's and have had mixed results, which is good. The highlight was playing a 2x2 game and losing just 3 models due to concentration of fire and knowing more about how to play them.

    Also on board with more cinematic games, I love the narrative aspect of 40k and every game I play adds and changes the history for my created chapter. This can only help and inspire me=]

  2. Funny you should mention beating GK...because last night I had tabled 2500 points of them turn 3. Thts right! Seems impossible but tis true!

    Very excited about our new book and will get acquainted very fast. I have already made plans to pick it up, go back home and play a game with 3 other friends. Were not even gonna pre-read and just read as we go! Gonna be fun and hilarious.

  3. I beat them with Daemons.
    not even joking.

    The codex might be awesome... but the people playing as them tend to not be very good. I guess it's easy to get lazy tactically when you can just beat your opponent over the head with a draigowing list. Quad-chariot's a pretty solid counter to that, though.

  4. I just hope 6th Ed doesn't ruin Space Marine bike armies. I really want to start one soon (aka now).

  5. I beat a Grey Knight army yesterday with my Craftworld Eldar. By turn 5, all the was left was an immobilised Storm Raven.

  6. Grey Knights are a challenge, but if you don't change your army list to deal with the new lists coming out then you don't deserve to win the games end of.

    My opponent plays space wolves who even with their sit back shooting couldn't deal with my list to begin with, now its a lot more even, he has tweaked his list to take in account what my force can do. But it hasn't changed his list just tweaked it slightly. It still scary as hell for lots of other people.


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