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New Combi Weapons on Advance Order

This is one of the sets that should of been out a long time ago. Now there is no need to cut and customize combi weapons where there are some that you can just purchase. I wish there was more of these kind of sets back in 3rd edition.

Also being released are mark IV Assault Squads, and the Tigrus Pattern Bolter Set. Available now for pre-orders.

Here is the link to place your pre-orders

via Forgeworld
Terminator Weapons Set
The Terminator Weapons Set, comprises two Tigrus pattern combi-bolters, a thunder hammer, a storm shield, a power axe, a power maul and a pair of lightning claw attachments, as well as a right-handed power fist to enable the pair of weapons to be built. The kit also contains three differently posed left arms and four different optional combi-weapons: two flamers, two plasma guns, two auxiliary grenade launchers and two melta guns.

With some conversion work these weapons can also be used to convert Chaos Terminators and both Imperial and Chaos power armour-clad characters from our wide range of variant Space Marine infantry and the plastic Terminator kits available from Games Workshop. The set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday May 25th.

MkIV Space Marine Assault Squad
The MkIV Space Marine Assault Squad contains five multi-part resin Space Marines clad in MkIV ‘Maximus’ pattern power armour, and was designed by Will Hayes. Containing the most advanced systems and offering exemplary protection, the assault variant of MkIV armour features an unusual jump pack design that uses a single thruster combined with smaller manoeuvring jets. This kit also contains bolt pistols, chainswords and a variety of grenades and pouches, and is available to pre-order for despatch from Friday May 25th

Tigrus Pattern Bolter Set
There are many types and patterns of the mighty and iconic boltgun used by the Adeptus Astartes, and the Tigrus Pattern Bolter is one such variant. First discovered in the depths of Forge World Tigrus, the STC data for this sleek weapon was quickly disseminated throughout the Imperium before the outbreak of the shadowed Horus Heresy. This noble bastion of Mars suffered irreparable damage at the hands of the Traitor Legions, yet the bolters that bear its name continue to see service in the 41st Millennium; revered and honoured as ancient relics of Mankind’s lost glory.

Designed by Will Hayes, the Tigrus Pattern Bolter Set contains ten bolters, ten holstered pistols and an assortment of additional pouches and grenades that are fully compatible with our entire range of Space Marine infantry and the plastic sets produced by Games Workshop. This detailed accessory set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday May 25th.

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  1. Nice, shame you only get 2 bolters so essentially paying 14 quid for 2 combi weapons, such is the expensive life of 40k players.

  2. You can buy sets of the Bolters, so it isn't that bad in the long run.

    1. Take another look at the extra images for the terminator weapon pack though. Those combi weapon bits all slot into those specialized combi-bolter bodies. The new bolter set weapons are just straight bolters without the second body for combi weapon insertion.

      That and all the various terminator arms appear to be strictly Tartaros pattern arms. So yeah, the kit nets you effectively two combi weapons that you could use on any marine type, conceivably, and a bunch of arms that you'd need Tartaros pattern termi models to use with. And at that, you'd need to buy 5 of the kits to properly build out even a 5 man squad of assault terminators, assuming you wanted something other than a 3 and 2 mix of either close combat weapon type.

      Do any of the marine codices even let Terminator models take combi weapons? I know C:SM termi librarians can take combi weapons, but the normal squads can't. One of the imperial armor books? Blood Angels? Dark Angels? Black Templar?

    2. Space Wolves do


  3. Shield, axe and mace are quite sexy, the rest is sorta meh. Didn't like FW's new terminators anyway.

  4. 14 pounds for 2 combi weapons that effectively are bolters with a special weapon barrel slung underneath? meh...... I'm not THAT desperate to part with my cash.

    1. They aren't slung underneath - they are to the side, replacing one of the storm bolter barrels.

    2. gotcha, still not worth 14 pounds - i'll stick with the old cut a storm boler in half and paste a barrel method

  5. Those are cool looking jump packs. I rather like those then the current ones... the one giant and the two smaller ones look better than the current two medium sized ones...

    *Cough* Thats what she said...

  6. Yeah, I'd consider buying if I could buy a pack of 10 combi bolters.

  7. Does anyone know how many US dollars the combi weapon set would be off the top of their head?