The Beasts of War live event is over, and there are new pics and rules for us to take a look at. I wrote a bunch of stuff, down, so I may be off on some bits or missed something, but this is how I heard it.

General information
Flyers will be released on June 2nd. The release will contain a Space Marine flyer, the Stormtalon Gunship, three Ork flyers, and the Necron dual kit for the Nightscythe and Doomscythe.

Other things mentioned was 6th edition being released July 7th with a starter box set in September.

Note all the sketches provided were done by Beasts of War from what they saw the models looked like.

Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship
130pts + upgrades

BS4 AV11
Fast Skimmer
Aerial Assault
Ceramite Plating
Deep Strike
 No transporting ability

Comes with Twin linked Assault Cannons and a Twin linked Heavy Bolter than can be upgraded to the following
Twin linked Lascannon
Typhoon Missle Launcher
Sky Hammer Missle Launcher 60" S7 AP4 Heavy 3

Escort Craft
Can be attached to a unit of deep strikers, and will appear within 6" of the deepstriking unit

Hover Strike
Can convert to a skimmer but not move in order to recieve a +1 to BS

Notes: The model was painted blue with ultramarine symbols, so we know at least vanilla marines will get this vehicle. Others are unknown. I would imagine codices without a storm raven for sure would get it. Model wise, it was shorter than a storm raven and appears much narrower.

Three ork flyers were mentioned. Its not sure whether they are all part of a single kit or two, one for the dakkajet and another for the bommers.

Ork Biltza-Bommer
Just a picture

Dakkajet (no sketch)

BS2 AV10
Fast Skimmer
Aerial Assault

Twin linked Dakka Guns
Strafing Run- BS 3 against anything but jump infantry and skimmers.
Waagh Ability: During the round of a Waagh, all guns may fire twice.

Upgrade Fighter Ace which gives the Dakkajet BS3 against everything


BS2 AV10
Fast Skimmer
Aerial Assault

Burna Bomb S5 AP4 ignores cover, large blast (dropped during the movement phase) single shot
Scorcha Missle 24" S5 AP4 ignores cover, blast
Grot Gunner- BS3 weapon looks like a dakka

Waagh ability: During the round of a Waagh, all guns may fire twice.

Necron Doomscythe and Nightscythe

Necron Flyers are also said to be coming out as well, here is the sketch on it. Beasts of War claimed they both were very true to the concept sketches.

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