If you were not aware, 5th Edition rulebooks have been pulled. They are no longer there at GW stores, although independent stores could still have something there if you desperately needed something.

First of all, the 5th edition starter set is still available, and I have been told it will remain so through til August. This means that if you want on, I suggest getting it soon. The 6th edition starter set will be replacing it then.

Now what is next for 6th edition? To start off, if you did not read about the emails on Saturday, here is the link.
6th Edition is Imminent

Here is what is happening....

*5th edition Rulebook is gone from stores
*No longer on the GW website
*Retail-meeting mid june after which more informations will follow
*Asking customers are to be told it was removed because there will be something new soon and that more info will be released in the near future.
*GW Store Employees are having vacation request denied for the next two months

So yes, 6th edition rumors are right around the corner. In fact we expect June 26th will be the day pre-orders start up. Its quite possible we will get an earlier heads up on this release, although no one except GW really knows for sure. I am guessing though that we will start to see leaks sometime after the retail meetings.

So its time to say goodbye. Get your last games in, and look forward to the new ruleset.

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