The colossal what? Ok, I remember seeing pics of this guy during Gamesday, or possibly it was elsewhere. Well, its here, and I am not quite sure of what to make of it. Perhaps I should be running as well.

I just love that guy running away........ I notice that he is the same guy over and over. His life must be very tough.

via Warhammer Forge
Colossal Squig
The strange, improbable and often quite insane creatures known as Squigs are half-fungoid, half-flesh beasts that breed and multiply wherever Orcs and Goblins gather. These foul and vicious monstrosities range in size from bestial hunting Squigs and the madcap Squig Hoppers that some Night Goblins ride to war, to the feared Mangler Squigs goaded into battle to devour the enemy wholesale.

None of these creatures match the sheer size of the Colossal Squigs though, said to haunt the depths of the Grey Mountains and the Vaults. These gigantic, spherical monsters boast an insatiable appetite, and are in essence no more than an impossibly vast fleshy maw studded with row upon row of scimitar-bladed teeth.

Near impossible to direct, let alone train, Night Goblin Shaman must resort to drugged meat (often live and unfortunate Goblin ‘volunteers’) or hugely potent spells to overcome the crude instincts of these behemoths and make them even barely manageable.

The Colossal Squig, designed by Mark Bedford, is a large, highly detailed multi-part resin model. Rules for this model can be found in Monstrous Arcanum, and it is available to pre-order now for despatch from the 25th of May.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. *Insert obligatory ex girlfriend/wife joke*

  3. Kinda meh, to be honest. Too generic/boring compared to the usual goblin shenanigans. However, with some proper modding I could see this being a nice eyecatcher.
    Assuming it's cheaper than a Arachnork, of course. *checks* Jesus Christ! ...yeah, so much for that.
    All kidding aside, I see this going the way of the Knarloc: A neat idea hamstrung by a bunch of unfortunate problems.

  4. I didn't think he was running away. It looks more like he is waving to friends and family, and is about to be kicked like a soccer ball.

  5. We did not believe he or she had been operating aside. This appears a lot more like he's waving in order to family and friends, and it is going to end up being kicked just like a football golf ball.

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