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Eldar Rumors are Making the Rounds

This morning we have some Eldar early rumors floating about. Even then these rumors are still saying we have until mid to late 2013 to see an eldar codex.

Please remember that these are rumors, and even that are in the very early stages according the source. Give these the standard far out rumor amount of salt.

via Stickmonkey
I have some very early Eldar rumors. First let me start with a very clear disclaimer:

Ok, very small list, so on to what Im hearing:
Aspects all have a way to move to troops. However, some are limited to one unit only. The phoenix Lords are NOT this mechanism supposedly.

Guardians have a slight points reduction.

Tanks ( night spinner, fire prism, falcon) have a point reduction.

Transports are about the same cost.

Storm guardians are an upgrade of normal guardians.

Rumor those units requiring a guide (wraithguard , wraithlord) longer sit idle when out side range and rolling a 1. Instead they can make a move towards a warlock or other guide. Engaging these units in cc while they are outside their guides range will have penalties, treat as ws 1, i 1. However, guides will have "buffs" they can give. Reroll to hit, bonus save, etc. (To me this sounds suspiciously like changes to nids and the tervigon)

via Romanus     (note:A little extra salt here)
heard that they have played with Wave serpents Energy Shields becoming weaker, in that they loose there negative effects against melta etc. Still these are playtesting rumors at this stage so subject to a huge variable of change.

From what I have heard and from other sources around the interwebs the first wave for Eldar would look like:

Flyer - Possibly with 2nd wave flyer release (supposedly related to the large vehicle chassis), I have also heard it is the Nightwing but this would contradict what GW has been saying lately that there wouldn't be anymore direct ports from FW

New Plastic Jetbikes (seen Games Day 2010)
New Plastic Vyper
Larger Vehicle Chassis
Guardian Box incorporating Storm and Battle guardians???
Finecast characters

I know that Eldar are being worked on at the moment, but its mostly throwing around Ideas and seeing how they work. I'm not 100% sure on the design sequence that GW follows but this would seem pretty prelim to me. I know that this has been going on for around six months so far, with some pretty nifty ideas being tried. Thats all I'll say on the matter though.

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  1. New jetbikes are definitely a good thing, the current ones are looking pretty dated and are one of the reasons I wont start an Eldar army. Another thing that puts me off i the lack of plastic aspect warrior kits. Heres hoping for plastic Fire Dragons soon!

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  3. This is kinda crap. Eldar players keep getting put off and are now dealing with one of the most expensive and out of date codices. We've been told that Eldar would be one of the first 6th and should come at a time close to the release of the 6th ed. rulebook.

    Might as well just change the name to SPACE MARINE 40K

    1. You should be glad you aren't a Squat player 8D

    2. Yeah I think all the Xenos are getting the middle finger. The crappy part is when the noise gets high enough for anything other than the Imperium they bring out the CHAOS marines, which are rumored to be the first box set with 6th... I basically stopped playing in 2008 because I could see the table balance being tossed out the window. I've been watching for when to come back, and was looking forward to this year. Looks like it is next year for me... I don't want to play Imperium.

    3. What wrong with Chaos Marines getting some love? They practically made our current codex "weaker space marines", removed any unique features of the old codex and ignored the fact that most player's armies were completely unplayable, with units that no longer existed outside of forge world (and some just disappeared completely).
      About the Eldar, though, I've never seen a reliable rumour placing them before early 2013. At least this one has a vague date attached.
      Also, some Tau players want a word about that sentence "Eldar keep getting put off"...

    4. The point is, Chaos space marins are still space marins, not xenos. Also for the tau players, just look at the forge world range they got

  4. Well, at least we're warned about changed dates with caps lock this time.

  5. I had my doubts about all aspect warriors becoming troops, but if you consider that force org is moving to a percentage-based system, it would make sense.
    Point reductions across the board are also in line with GW's recent modus operandi.
    The change to Wraith troops might be interesting, I'm curious to see how this'll play out.

  6. Replies
    1. Why when you can buy them currently @ £12 per model. Baaaaaaaargain! :)

    2. Curious story, when I recently cleaned one of my game cabinets, I found 28 wraithguard, three wraithlords, eight warwalkers, an avatar and a bunch of warlocks, all pewter and stuffed into a cardboard box. The funny thing is, I don't remember ever buying those. Not that I mind suddenly having a viable eldar army, but it's kinda creepy, considering that I live alone.

    3. Please GW change that stupif runes of warding so it has a area range.....not the whole board.

  7. It's the new reduced cost overhual that is biggest point. I understand the reason. Less point cost means more models on the board (sold) and when added with the sales model of half squads for the same price as what a whole squad used to cost you make more money. Problem is if you only reduce the costs of the space marine armies, all the other armies lose serious contender capability. Overall any army can be made to work, but the new mantra has been "They would look good if they weren't so expensive"

    If all the non-human races got Army lists in the new rules with lower points that match the newer sets, that at least might patch the problem enough to wait for a while. They deffinately are racist at GW these days though

  8. That sounds right.

    Early days, things could change, but this is what is known at present.

    I'm not an Eldar fan, but good to see rumours other than Chaos Legions. Even if I'm eager to pick up that codex.

  9. In response to Dez...

    ...and somewhere a clock resets.

    I'll be in some corner waiting for new plastic,


  10. So Eldar before supposedly tau were before? Ha! Stickmonkey must have sources deeper than we can imagine. Also love the "OK GUYS some of what Im saying MIGHT be wrong but that's cuz this info is early :P" if it's accurate you shouldn't worry but there's no real "meat" to this. Hell I coulda told you folks this. Will classify this as "wishlisting" in my files...

  11. Terribly disappointed that my beloved Eldar are 2013. Even more disappointed that this stuff seems common sense:

    Gaurdian point reduction + storm upgrade in box. Duh. Maybe a separate weapon kit so we don't need to fork out points for a BS3 weapon.

    New vehicle chassis? New jetbikes? Of course. Noone's going to buy shiny new dated models.

    And plastic wraithguard. Need I scry more?